Dave McKinnon

  • @CodyManners says:

    Girls joined the chat

  • @grimreeper7225 says:

    Get that from around your mouth 😂😂😂

  • @Kakes22 says:

    Might wanna turn off the comments for this one Doc❤️😂

  • @maginmartin2344 says:

    Where can we order rhat device ?

  • @letstalklaw5499 says:

    Make sure you give it back to your wife Doc

  • @browner420 says:

    Your complexion is proof of eating and living well naturally without medications from BIG pharma.

  • @910tarheel4 says:

    Let the JOKES BEGIN!!! 😂😂

  • @TanyaWow91 says:


  • @gretchenmangan5983 says:

    Women all over the world are celebrating! 🙂

  • @lindahanna622 says:

    Only on the face??😂

  • @SoupIsSouppy says:

    People, make sure you spend time every day for your health, however, it can also be difficult so if you are struggling and need help i can help you

  • @sammantha_Dallas says:

    TY DR❤

  • @TheOfficialBullyMaguire says:

    How would this compare to red light therapy?

    • @hobanagerik says:

      I have one of those for my nose, and it really helps my hayfever. It’s supposed to deactivate the cells inside my nose that are creating histamine. If it’s a placebo, I’ll gladly accept that. 🙂

  • @naulttt says:

    You’re a brave man doc. Keep up the good work

  • @SA.................. says:

    Everyday doc …❤❤❤

  • @nonenothing4412 says:

    My wife has this but I never saw her using it on face…

  • @nonenothing4412 says:

    How is this thing called anyway

  • @libbyguidinger6212 says:

    My wife bought one ..couple weeks later she was filing for divorce

  • @MNMMOMMA2 says:

    I’ll bet so many got excited from the thumbnail alone 🤣

  • @lovelocked5385 says:

    Ya. Feels good on my jaw muscles

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