Dave McKinnon

  • @EricaTyburski says:

    How would you spend a day if you suddenly discovered you had a superpower?😘

  • @UnnecessaryComment. says:

    I know another place for fingers to ease menstrual pain…

    A pint ice cream

  • @pbear7814 says:

    Love Dr. Mandell! He knows what a woman is. 👍

  • @uscitizen5656 says:

    Thanks Doc! Putting that in the Book of Secrets

  • @camokazi1313 says:

    Dr. Mandell must be defended at all costs! He’s a great guy and he knows what an actual woman is.

  • @dianegreen1937 says:

    I needed that info a longggg time ago! 😂

  • @repentandturnfromsin says:

    As a 50 yr old woman who still has a monthly…I’m going to say there are multitudes of women who lie about period pain

  • @sarahmasombuka7029 says:

    Amen ❤❤❤

  • @juliawah8674 says:

    Stop drinking ice cold water and avoid sour food around that period

  • @sharonbaltimore4631 says:


  • @yfi6841 says:

    Wow Dr. I love your red toe polish!😂😂 love you ❤

  • @baldmenwin9591 says:

    POINT #4: Don’t say her ankles are fat if she asks you to do this to her toes. She will acuPUNCHture your head. 😊

  • @suzanozturk6005 says:

    What about Menopause?? I’m feeling crazzy! ❤❤😢😢

  • @stephaniedwk4833 says:

    You should focus on vitamins

  • @sereneingreen says:

    Yes, thank you for saying ‘women’ 👍 Thank you, Dr Mandell. Your videos are gold.

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    Thanks for sharing ❤Doc🤝

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