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    Always entertained by your content, it’s awesome!

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    Muchas gracias. Bendiciones.

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    Love your style, keep rocking it!

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    Thank you Dr Mandell you take care and stay safe you and your family young man

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    😍nice content 👍thanks for teaching us 😇God bless☝️❤

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    No matter what drink water all day no matter what your struggles are water helps

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    Something about your face voice entire countenance is so soothing

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    Thirty chews per bite..I fight my hunger then drink V8 because I believe when ones body is hungry jam pack in goodness. Also as I nourish myself I think to myself how good this is for myself. 😊

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    🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽God bless Dr. Mandell 🌹💙🌷💜

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    Something similar to what the Quran advised a long time ago.

    God bless you, Dr, with good health, peace, love, and happiness. Thank you for all you do.❤

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    Thanks doc, I regularly follow your channel and try to adopt as many suggestions as possible. I am a Muslim and our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) advised us exactly the same three things almost 1500 years ago, that you have posted in this video. ❤️

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    This health practice helps a lot it’s a practice I must master better, but luckily i am heaps better now.

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    Yep, this is Great, I find being thankful for my meal makes me more mindful, taste and textures become alive.💕 England ☮️

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    Great advice from the pro thank you Dr Mandell ❤❤

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    Fortunately I realized all of that about food when I started fasting.

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    Great advice thank you ❤for all you do so appreciative

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    Thank you Dr Mandell God bless you ❤

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    Thank You so very much for Your help and great advice, Dr.Mandell!
    Have a Great Day 👍 😊👍

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    ❤❤❤Thank you Dr!! God Bless You And Your Family.

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    When you give instructions, we listen Dr Mandell….good advice! 🎉

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