Dave McKinnon

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    Thanks Sir !!

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    Best Doctor on earth!❤

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    I absolutely love this….

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    Appreciate all your posts❤

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    Thank you! I really needed that. I stayed with your video until I had everything written down.

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    Thank you so much.I needed to hear that.Make peace with my pass

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    Dr. Mandell you are a blessing to me!!! You have helped to change so many lives .

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    Thank you so much.

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    Like always Dr Mandell you make my day!! 😊❤ make it a great day!!😊❤Blessings for you and momma Amen 🙏 🕊️❤️😊🙌🙌

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    What an inspiración you are Dr Mandell!!! Thank you ❤

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    Oh my God… what a blessing you are. Physically and mentally. Wow. Thank you❤

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    These rules are so profound. I actually just shed a tear. Thank you so much, Dr. Mandell.

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    Ameeeen!!!🙏💖🙏 Thank you so much Dr. Mandell. You’re the best!🥰

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    Great Word, Dr. Mendell, Thank You, God Bless You🌞🏖

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    My favorite videos are of you feeding feral cats and the one with your kitty ❤ this is my favorite short, thank you Dr. Mandell

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    Praising the Good Lord for giving us Dr. Mandel, his kindness gives life ❤️🤍🩵💯🤍💙🌹

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    I truly hope you find some time to read the comments Doc. You are so loved and appreciated by so many. And you always make me smile! Thank you lovely gentle man.

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    This is exactly what we needed to hear today ❤ Thank you, Dr. Mandel 😊

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    Your voice alone is sooooo very calming, the messages are always impactful and appreciated.❤❤❤ thank you!!

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    Dr. Mandell is awesome. Thank you for your positive inspiration 🙏

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