7 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Discover the signs you’re eating too much sugar. Number 1 will surprise you!

0:00 Introduction: The classic side effects of sugar
0:15 Sugar vs. carbohydrates
3:12 7 signs you’re eating too much sugar
4:59 The #1 sign you’re eating too much sugar

In this video, we’re going to talk about some of the side effects of consuming too much sugar. Some of the well-known side effects of sugar include fatigue, brain fog, belly fat, carb cravings, and cavities.

Is there a difference between sugar and carbohydrates? A carbohydrate consists of sugar, fiber, and starch. Starches are called polysaccharides, meaning many sugars or multiple sugar molecules connected together. Starches raise blood sugar levels significantly more than sugar.

Starches like maltodextrin, modified food starch, and modified corn starch have a much higher glycemic index than sugar.

Here are 7 surprising signs that you’re consuming too much sugar:

7. Reduced collagen
Reduced collagen will result in loose, wrinkled skin and premature aging.

6. Chronic white tongue
Candida from too much sugar will cause you to have a white tongue. You won’t be able to get rid of it without eliminating sugar from the diet.

5. Chronic sinus problems
Most chronic sinus problems are caused by a fungus called Aspergillus that feeds on sugar.

4. Red or pink gums
Red or pink on your toothbrush after brushing could signify a mild case of scurvy or vitamin C deficiency. High sugar consumption blocks vitamin C.

3. Low testosterone
Low testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and difficulty building muscle.

2. Susceptibility to infection
Too much sugar can weaken your immune system, making you more vulnerable to infection.

1. High adrenaline levels
Too much sugar damages the cell’s ability to make energy in the mitochondria. To compensate, the body produces more adrenaline.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this increases your awareness of the dangers of sugar. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  • @btsmochimi7924 says:

    The video popped out after i drank a large ice tea, great❤😂

  • @Gus_Magnus says:

    I love my bakery products, ice cream and candy bars but…..I have to remind myself how difficult it is to reduce sugar cravings, which stops me from eating any of that stuff all together.

    • @nemesis8131 says:

      I guarantee that if you will eat more salads, you will stop craving for sweet stuff. I eat sugary stuff only because I want, not because I have to. But I can easily cut it off close to 100% I don’t even use sugar with my tea or coffee.

  • @Yamaazaka says:

    I’ll never forget Dr. Shawn Baker telling stories from his practice, of having to tell people to their face that he will have to cut off their diabetic foot if they don’t cut the carbs… And some outright respond that they cannot! If that’s not addiciton. There is no such thing.

    • @thatguy9464 says:

      No one asked

    • @Yamaazaka says:

      @@thatguy9464 I believe you can cut the carbs my guy.

    • @miscellaneous263 says:

      Guess what – you’re also addicted to water and air. Carbs are a source of energy, you absolutely need them.

    • @Cosmo-Kramer says:

      @@miscellaneous263 Not only do you NOT need carbs for fuel, your body runs more efficiently on ketones, which you make in abundance when eating a carb-free diet.

    • @tradermunky1998 says:

      Carb free here and all markers of energy exploded upwards to infinity and beyond 😂

      But people never believe it, despite the real metabolic science behind it that runs counter to the fake nonsense we all hear and parrot everywhere.

  • @dastan04 says:

    dr berg, let’s publish the following topic: how to distinguish natural products from chemical ones: dairy products, eggs; coconut flour and many others

  • @biancagerade4229 says:

    Happy mother’s Day ❤️ do something nice for yourself today ☺️

  • @leeboss373 says:

    “Eating too much sugar” if I say that to my diabetic dad, he’ll burst out saying “I don’t have sugar” even though I’ve told him hundreds of times that carbs are sugar🙄 he still eats his carbs🤦🏻‍♂️

    • @doejohn8674 says:

      Try to get him a continuous glucose monitor if he doesn’t already have one, this way he can see what happens to his glucose level when he eats bread for example, vs just a piece of cheese (without bread!)

    • @Allthingsworkingtogether4good says:

      Show him the alternatives to his carbs he eats…educate him he has better choices. Lowering your carbs under 50 is possible…challenging but possible. God bless😇

    • @leeboss373 says:

      I’ve tried, he did cut down for a bit but then had a hissy fit and went back to having it all again. I’ve given up, we don’t talk about it any more.

    • @Amy_Watson says:

      Can’t get mad at him, he’s just following his doctor’s advice.

    • @Allthingsworkingtogether4good says:

      I’ll be praying for him 🙏 take care!

  • @C.N.1 says:

    “ADHD SYMPTOMS!” 🔥 One day I was laughed at by a college graduate because I misspelled the word “fruit!” 😂 He said a poison called adderall might help. After I explained that it’s not an option for me because I understand how junk like that, lyrica, seroquel, etc., are highly toxic to the brain, and how they affect the catecholamine pathway… he was in awe! Since I’ve stopped eating sugar and started taking Body Health Perfect Amino, the ADHD symptoms have gone away! 🙂 Thank you, Dr. Berg! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the great Moms out there! ❤

  • @SufiaS674 says:

    My sugar craving went away when I started eating more vegetables & fruit – I’m fuller and reach for the ultra processed sugars way less!

    • @shaikh3420 says:

      Most of the Fruits contain 80 % sugars. They are equally danger.

    • @questionauthority7377 says:

      Fruit has sugar in it

    • @1greenMitsi says:

      @@questionauthority7377 natural sugar + fiber. They are not the same

    • @ruxsack4021 says:

      The addict brain:
      “I can’t have sugars, so I’ll replace them with these sugars. After all, I need my sugar in a sugar free diet somehow, right?”

    • @SAINIDE says:

      @@questionauthority7377 fructose is different from refined sugar which is in simplest forms. Fibre are great sources of prebiotics to flourish your gut fauna.

  • @Prognosis__ says:

    I thought it was impossible to quit sugar but after nearly a year, I no longer crave sweet things

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    Happy mother’s day to all mothers living and all mother’s in heaven 🙏🏽

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    Dr Eric is not only a doctor but hes also a businessman, thx for the info doc much love from 8000+ miles away

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    Thank you Dr berg you have probably saved many peoples health and lives because of your information.

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    Thank you Dr Berg. I am suffering from high sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. I appreciate you educating us on the sugars in food and related to profit. May God Bless you! Have a Happy Mothers Day to All!❤🎉🙏✝️💐

  • @1990hondarc30 says:

    I stopped eating sugar and carbs two weeks ago, basically only eating meat. I’ve dropped 16 pounds in that two weeks. My Rheumatoid Arthritis is much better since my joints aren’t hurting so much anymore.

    • @mariesmith504 says:

      Do you mind sharing a few of your meals, please?

    • @1990hondarc30 says:

      @mariesmith504  I’m just eating mostly steak and salads with ranch dressing. I’m also eating baked chicken. A few green vegetables. That’s it. I’m also intermittent fasting. So I usually won’t eat breakfast and if I do it’s steak and eggs only and that’s usually on Saturday. I’m also cutting back on eating dinner and again, if I do that it’s meat.

    • @zaphiro4 says:

      ​@@1990hondarc30 do you include fish in your diet?

    • @crownclown1951 says:

      i had Rheumatoid arthritis year 2019, got operated because my knee bones density is getting low and my knee fluid is gone, i can’t walk and run before and after operation, then i start searching for more details RA, and i saw dr. berg channel. i remove everything milk tea high sugar coffee, 3x a day meal, and tobacco smoking. but i am asian soo rice is rice.

      This is my transition. after operation. my doctor recommended a natural med.


      1. kelp – 1x a day
      2. calcium 2x a day
      3. potassium. 1x a day

      Then I added Dr. Berg’s advice.

      fasting. i cut all caffeine, sugar chocolate dairy. i start to fish and chicken veg. only and rice. (3x a day a meal until the end of 2019). after my body adapts to this kind of lifestyle , i feel a big craving especially sugar. i lose but i always remember i can’t still walk straight. so i stop consuming sugar and continue to fast.

      2020 to 2021 transition to 2x a day meal . and year 2022 and now is 1x a day meal

      from 130 kg to 83 kg today. i can take a walk, hike, and have a proper exercise. but still can’t run. but i almost feel that this year i can. and the more i can feel that i can run. the feeling of all stress i had those years, all are gone.

      got a blood chem 7 months ago. and xray. got a perfect normal score. all and my bone density is back to normal. 👍👍

    • @1greenMitsi says:

      so you basically cut processed foods by cutting sugar and carbs, if you were eating fresh fruits and vegetables instead of junk to begin with you wouldnt be having any problems

  • @Jikkyy678 says:

    Love the honesty in your videos & the depth of critical thinking. And wit!

  • @a.williams45 says:

    This is so insightful. I remember it was your video I watched that made me quit sugar years ago, no more puffness in face and eyes, beautiful skin, relaxed mood and feeling great, best decision ever and I’m so grateful for that. Thank you so much, Dr Berg 🙏🏻

  • @iMiik says:

    dr. berg your delivery is impeccable

  • @luvinprogress6830 says:

    Wow…. now I know why I had chronic sinus issues and nervous energy etc. growing up. I’m really grateful for all the wisdom you impart. Teaching is certainly your gift – thank you!

    • @tradermunky1998 says:

      Me too, pretty much my whole life and really got bad as I aged. I’d wake up and blow wads of blood boogers most mornings.

      I went keto for a year and and half and my sinuses greatly improved. Then I went carnivore a few months ago and they are gone.

      I do still drink on occasion and bam, next morning back to bad sinuses. Fortunately not nearly as bad each time being less and less and they clear up by the end of the day.

  • @Ondablackhandside says:

    7. Reduced collagen
    6. Chronic white tongue
    5. Chronic sinus problems
    4. Red or pink gums
    3. Low testosterone
    2. Susceptibility to infection
    1. High adrenaline

  • @heroicsquirrel3195 says:

    I’ve nearly completely stopped eating bad sugars, no bread, cereals, cakes, beer etc etc, I’ve had two squares of 85% dark chocolate in the last two weeks and some salted crisps that’s it, my sleep is massively improved and general energy levels are higher. At some point I’ll enjoy a beer or something but for now I’m avoiding bad sugar, my body deserves a break

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