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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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    Thank you for your dedication Doc. You have changed many lives

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    Thank you so much for your tireless life saving work. You are one of my heroes! I picked up How Not to Age from my library yesterday. I’m 74 years old and can’t wait to read it! Have a blessed 2024!❤❤❤

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    So how much was the carrot??

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    Your information helps to keep me on track and in the best health. Thank you for all you do. Loved your book How Not to Age.

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    Congrats Dr. Greger! You are one of my main inspirations and role models as a future WFPB Lifestyle medicine doc! God bless you and your family, keep up the good work, and Happy New Year!

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    More SIBO and microbiome research please!

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    For your knowledge on 5+ a day and depression I’ve been living in a consistent state of despair for years, and I’m hoping that information could bring me out

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