A Shocking Root Cause Of Infertility: Why It’s On The Rise In Men & Women | Dr. Mark Hyman

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Infertility is a significant challenge for many couples, with statistics now showing that one in six couples face difficulties conceiving. What was previously perceived primarily as a woman's issue is now recognized as a shared concern between partners. In today’s episode, we'll explore the factors in our modern environment contributing to this growing problem.

In this episode, we’ll explore what’s driving this infertility epidemic and a step-by-step Functional Medicine protocol for correcting hormonal imbalances and elevating overall health through targeted dietary choices, lifestyle changes, and the strategic use of supplements. Tune in for a comprehensive approach to addressing infertility from the inside out.

In this episode, I discuss:

The fertility crisis (4:03)
Top drivers of the global decline in fertility (7:01)
How sugar can cause hormonal imbalances (7:36)
Chronic inflammation and trouble conceiving (9:46)
The role of the gut microbiome (12:50)
Conventional Medicine fails to get to the root cause of infertility (17:12)
The Functional Medicine approach to infertility (19:33)
The importance of testing and correcting nutrient deficiencies (20:21)
Hormones to test and why (26:59)
Step-by-step protocol to support fertility (34:32)
Choosing the right prenatal supplement (44:59)

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Dave McKinnon

  • @peterraymond1853 says:

    How much worse is it since 2019.

  • @karenbreytenbach5684 says:

    Exposure to Plastics that interfere with estrogen?

  • @Paul-th9vr says:

    I heard a researcher say that increasing infertility is the result of the plethora of chemicals in our environment. I think she is onto something there and has a lot of good science backing her theory on infertility.

    • @lisabonelli4908 says:

      Truth! So sad 😞

    • @JohnMcAfee-se9ms says:

      5/7 Americans are peeing out high levels of chlormequat. Chlormequat is banned by the USDA because it is a known fertility and hormone disruptor.

      But Mark is right about the issue with PCOS. That’s highly related to hyperinsulinemia and obesity.

  • @jenrich111 says:

    low sperm-count also

  • @peterspeliotis104 says:

    Gotta save my Penny’s for these tests.
    It’s like searching for my keys near the street light, that I think I lost down the alley, without.

  • @EvgeniiaDolinenko says:

    Thank you! But please don’t laugh talking about infertility. You seem to be laughing instead of feeling compassion and pity. 😢

    • @sherikling1033 says:

      Serious misread of this good doctor.

    • @aaronwalcott513 says:

      @EvgeniiaDolenenko he’s using a bridging technique. These topics are hard, and for the people listening who may be suffering from them, their first response will be to become defensive. Some may miss the message for the messenger, and to *try* to mitigate that reflexive distance, Dr. Hyman is seeking to put them at ease. I can’t see how you arrived at lack of empathy, when clearly the man is concerned for his implied audience.

    • @N7-ElusiveOne says:

      I’ve met women who do this. They have this unavoidable giggle after every basic sentence they say. I don’t think they are aware of it. You’ll notice this doctor has that nervous laugh in every video.

    • @theresehazen528 says:

      He works hard to bring us good info❤

    • @aurakh2444 says:

      Could it be that your diet made you become too sensitive? I’m just guessing because I am also prone to this. Taking things too personally is related to anxiety. Nowadays apart from fixing my diet, I’m trying to manage anxiety and overthinking because it can lead to hormonal imbalances and infertility too.

  • @philipcrabb9695 says:

    Thank you. Sure appreciate these videos. High quality diet, exercise, sleep.

  • @reyvelasquez3617 says:


  • @jerry-mind-sky says:

    Partly plastic , mostly wifi radiation .

    • @JohnMcAfee-se9ms says:

      Chlormequat and glycosphate

    • @aurakh2444 says:

      Omg wifi too? Will turning off wifi before sleeping help?

    • @jerry-mind-sky says:

      @@aurakh2444 Yes, you are right . Avoid keeping cell phone in trousers pocket ,, castration by radiation ,,. Switch off router and cell phone for night etc etc. Best if you but book dr.Mercola ,, Electromagnetic fields.
      How go protect your family from wifi ,, or visit his website. Most of men infertily snd children autism comes from this radiation. All best .

  • @kathylong8589 says:

    Thank you so much for this video and many others!❤

  • @thevalueofapenny222 says:

    This is all very good information, but i dont understand why, in all of discussions of hormones and necessary vitamins and minerals, you are neglecting Iodine. Your body can’t make many of the hormones it needs without iodine, and yet some doctors (who test their patients with a 24 hour pee test) have found more than 95% were iodine deficient. They were in the goiter belt, but I would think that anyone who is having issues should at least look into it. At the very least, it should be on the “list”.

  • @Shae_wild_thing says:

    Would love to hear about amenorrhea in females(athletes) what is happening when a female loses her period but is extremely lean and fit?

  • @ceregirl5852 says:

    Dr..Hyman, are you on speed? Whew!

  • @leavethemkidsalone860 says:

    It is just lunacy that doctors keep saying folic acid rather than folate. Folate could be the difference in carrying to term.

  • @nutech1810 says:

    I want to know why women have to menopause? No land mammal does!

    • @13Provence says:

      Evolution did not catch up. Couple of hundred years ago humam lived only until 30. Were fertile during all lifetime. Watch the podcasts on diary of a ceo with the doctor about menopause. Real eye opener.

  • @IRBD4Jesus says:

    What’s the root?

  • @debbieredfern2267 says:

    And yet some of the poorest of the population, and threfore probably eating the bad diet seem to get pregnant many times over with no problem.😮

    • @Paul-th9vr says:

      I think that you are onto something there Debbie, the low income people tend to dine more often on junk foods so I try to cover all my bases and eat chips, burgers, Coca-Cola, deep fried foods, Coca-Cola, french fries, burgers, potato chips, Coca-Cola etc.

  • @smcg246 says:

    Mark, your juices are in plastic containers. Please put them in glass containers so I can buy them.

  • @sonadhillon says:

    Very informative!

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