Aloe for the Treatment of Advanced Metastatic Cancer

The effects of aloe both on radiation burns caused by cancer treatment and on the cancer itself.

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Can Aloe Cure Cancer? ( ). Find out in the next video.

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Image credit: WildVeganGarden / Pixabay

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Dave McKinnon

  • Pixie M. says:

    So, I wonder if this means that fresher aloe, straight from a leaf, is better than shelf-stable aloe in a jar/tube for helping people. We need a randomized study of THAT next!

  • Kathy Fausett says:

    Carrington Labs in Texas has done the legwork regarding when and why aloe gel is effective. They found an enzyme in the plant, when exposed to O2 begins to rearrange the molecules in the gel. Apparently, the propriotary ingredient is mannose, and with the enzyme disabled, the results are stunning.

  • fuldk says:

    This just enforces what we already know that extracts do not necessarily have the same effect as the whole plant. So far this video does not demonstrate that the whole leaf applied to the skin is ineffective.

  • Char Covelesky says:

    I sure don’t know about radiation, but I have tested fresh aloe vera on a number of occasions for other issues and there is no doubt it can be amazing. After scalding my arm with boiling water, I slathered a few fresh cut blades of aloe on it liberally, then wrapped the moist leaves against my skin for a few hours. It reduced the pain significantly, but the most amazing thing was the following day… the total lack of blistering and pain to the areas I had taped the aloe to. Just applying it definitely helped because the areas I missed blistered, but the covered sections were just slightly pink, painless and unblistered, and the clean outline of where the leaves were was striking! Keeping the moist aloe in contact with the damaged skin is apparently key to optimum benefit.
    After a recent attack of fire ants while out gardening, I put it to the test again. Anyone familiar with them knows that not only do they swarm on you in great numbers, but each individual sting is painful and nasty, and you are left with very visible and uncomfortable pus filled bites that take weeks to resolve and tend to scar. I got stung on both feet and ankles and decided to do an n-1 aloe trial for future encounters. Fire ant venom is an alkaloid, so I doused both feet with vinegar and scrubbed well with a scrubbie pad, then applied and taped the aloe leaves to one foot, and used a commercial hydrocortisone cream on the other. Amazing! The following day the foot with the cream looked and felt as expected, but the aloe’d foot was pain, itch, and nearly bite free. The only bites that were visible were on the areas the leaves didn’t cover. A month later, one foot still bears the obvious marks that were totally avoided on the other. This may all be anecdotal for others, but it was huge for me since fire ants are ubiquitous here in the south. Luckily, aloe also grows here nicely, and now I have a slew of it planted! I know we all react differently but it is sure worth trying for yourself. One caveat though, I have never found a commercial aloe extract product to be of any benefit at all compared to fresh leaves poulticed on the problem area… like night and day.

  • Raw Lion says:

    Another interesting video, thanks Dr Gregor.
    If anyone is interested in his How Not to Die Cookbook, I’ve just reviewed it on my channel.

  • F Varisco says:

    Great information as always. With this type of presentation that is split in parts it would be easier if they had the same title and Part 1 and Part 2, etc. It’s a little hard to find the following video if it has a different name. Just a suggestion.

  • Lawrence lawrence says:

    Not only did I have success in treating a burn I found success in treating a cut that was caurterized by placing the slimy side of the cut leaf on the skin overnight. The skin healed quickly and the scab fell off.

  • Auggies1956 says:

    Our 99-year-old neighbor ingested fresh-+ aloe for years. I can’t say it helped her in her long life, but it didn’t shorten it.

  • eric Barton says:

    Surface burns with IMRT and VMAT are very uncommon now, unless the patient is extremely large and you are using a low MV LINAC.
    Also one study with a p value of 0.05, yields a positive result in one in 20 cases regardless of whether there is a relationship or not.

  • William Read says:

    Make videos on the Lyme Disease epidemic and all the other Tick Borne Co-infections please.

  • GhostRider says:


    I was wondering if you could do an update on your peanut butter video from 7 years ago.

    -Is (100% pure, no oil added) peanut butter healthy?
    -And how much is recommend as a maximum?

  • Susan S.F. says:

    Hola a todos ! Bendiciones 🙏 Yo le doy a mi tía sábila con kalanchoe y miel, y su melatonina por la noche ella tiene metástasis. Producto de cáncer de mama y de piel. Y tiene mejor calidad de vida , hasta que Dios quiera recogerla. Tiene 91 años es señorita no se casó. Saludos 🙏🤗💕

  • guadalupe veloz says:

    Hace como 20 años mi prima tuvo cáncer de mama y la operaron, recibió quimio y le prepare 1 litro de miel de abeja recién sacada del panal con una taza de sábila la que tiene manchitas blancas y 1/4 de whisky todo molido y se tomaba una cucharada tres veces al día y en la actualidad ella sigue comiendo un trocito de pulpa de sábila y no ha vuelto el cáncer, gracias a Dios

  • Paul Blake says:

    Fifteen years ago I was visiting with a lady friend, and while we were talking her 40 year old son was going through in his mobile home… Getting it cleaned up so a friend could rent it… Suddenly we heard an explosion, and he came running out of the mobile home, screaming he was burned badly!
    Note: Not knowing that the stove in the mobile home had an LP leak, he opened the stove door and it blew-up in his face, destroying the stove, and burning him badly!

    My friend grabbed him and had him lay down on her porch in the shade! Cut a large Aloe Vera leaf from an old plant growing in her yard… Quickly flayed it out, and covered his red, burned face with it, and he instantly relaxed…

    We went back to our conversation… And 10 minutes later she took off the Aloe from her son’s face. The redness was gone, and he said that he now felt no pain at all! And he went back to working in the mobile home, minus the cigarette, DUH!!!…

  • Alcilene Farias says:

    Todo gracias al Dr. Aba por curarme del cáncer. Estoy eternamente agradecido, señor.

  • Veronica Flores says:

    Por favor! Traducción en Español.

  • Rania Mendez says:

    Yo amo la sábila.. El Áloe).. Tengo muchas plantas de sábila en mi casa diario La consumo en el batido de la mañana.. La hecho en el cabello. Piel.. Heridas etc.. Una vez tuve un accidente en una moto y casi no podía caminar en 1 mes y lo único que puse en las heridas fue sábila.. Ponía la baba y vendaba y lavaba y volvía a poner y así 3 veces al día hacia hasta que se me curó.. Nunca puse en mis heridas nada.. El único medicamento que tome fue paracetamol 3 días.. Tengo colitis y desde hace años que la tomo mi colitis casi termino.. Amo la sábila.. No puedo vivir sin ella… LA SÁBILA ERA LA PLANTA DE LA BELLEZA DE CLEOPATRA 😁😍😃🤣 Y HASTA TENER UNA DENTRO Y FUERA DE CASA ES BUENO TAMBIÉN DICE EL FENG SHUY ( NO SE COMO SE ESCRIBE BIEN 🤣🤣🤣.. Lo importante es dejarle el dato👌🎉🎉🇨🇺

  • Patricia Jacqueline Reiman Rojas says:

    Hola acabo de ver éste vídeo y justo
    A NIVEL GÁSTRICO* y he estado
    Se me pasa el “DOLOR y puedo COMER mejor, ya qué cuándo me duele NO puedo COMER”, es muy buena acá en MÍ *PAÍS la utilizan para muchas COSAS,☘️🍀👍🌈😇🙏🇨🇱🙋 MUCHAS BENDICIONES 👍 gracias, gracias, gracias.

  • john ikpekhia says:

    Giving thanks to Dr Osoria is something I will always take personal because he brought me back to my full health

  • Helga frankly says:

    It’s obvious that people don’t believe in herbs I mean who could have thought I’ll be able to stand firm and healthy ,all thanks to you #drosuma

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