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An Epidemic Of Disease: The Shocking Reason Everyone Today Is Sick & Unhealthy | Dr. Mark Hyman

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In today’s episode of my series I’m calling Health Bites, I am tackling a topic that has left an indelible mark on the world: the COVID-19 pandemic. As we navigate through new variants and climbing cases, it's crucial to unravel the reasons why so many Americans got so sick and died during the pandemic. We dig into the questions of why we as a nation were so susceptible to COVID-19’s deadly effects. I also explore why and how Functional Medicine steps in where conventional approaches stumble.

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In this episode, I discuss (audio version / Apple Subscriber version):
Why the U.S. had some of the worst COVID-19 outcomes (7:07 / 5:24)
The conventional medicine approach to the COVID-19 pandemic (25:46 / 22:41)
My take on COVID vaccines (28:30 / 25:25)
Optimizing our immune system to prevent serious infection and disease (39:09 / 36:04)
Preventing and recovering from illness using diet and lifestyle (47:19 / 44:14)
Supplements to support your immune system during cold and flu season (57:00 / 53:55)
Strategies for COVID infection and exposure (59:34 / 56:29)
Long-COVID(1:02:51 / 59:46)

Dave McKinnon

  • @love2bluff says:

    Dr Hyman’s books are the BEST!!!😊

  • @riobabic8960 says:

    More and more I believe vegetable oil is the worst food out there !

    • @tracysmith245 says:

      trans fats

    • @skincraftorganicsllc8537 says:

      I agree to a point – I think it’s so much better to EAT the whole food, rather than the oil pressed from it – I put a nice portion of avocado into my salad and mush it all around so it’s like oil in there- that way I get so much fiber & potassium in addition to the benefits of the polyphenols of the oil – and they’re fresher than the freshest oil. 🙂 If you have loads of calories to spare, pour on the evoo, but I’d rather add more nutrient-dense foods, than having just oil!

    • @guysumpthin2974 says:

      Exactly, the pressurized respirators stretched the lung sacks enough to let fluid in , near 100% failure. And we ranked # 48 in the world before covid (sad) , beat out by 47 countries, some of them have no health industry

  • @jonathanmagic5633 says:

    Health worker from Australia here and we share your concerns.

  • @369stellar says:

    Detox from chemicals, parasites and fungi from enviroment including toxic relationships and heal trauma to live free from anger, guilt, resentment, oppression, control

    • @christinewinner6425 says:

      So glad at least one person besides me is telling the truth.Truthmatters.

    • @369stellar says:


      I found functional medicine early 2000, together with naturopath and Chinese medicine e or Ayurvedic are the arrowheads of healing. Today, understanding quantum mechanics, consiousness, I have to say everything is interconnected. Our lack of understanding derstand if of how we connect we isolate more and get sick not knowing we have the power to self heal. I want to say I apréciate all those professionals that jumped out of the box to help sleeping beauty know as Humanity( analogy)
      We are beautiful, loving and powerful all together. But to start we need to nourish and love ourselves to return to harmony and help others the same path

    • @tracysmith245 says:

      stress triggers flare-ups my trigger is being outside unfortunately weird thing is due to taking out the gland that absorbs vitamin d zinc magnesium exercise keep moving and staying in a good place mentally if possible, very hard with other people i have autoimmune conditions i like listening to health topics like gut health diet id avoid kale and spinach though as this depletes calcium very high calcium food can not have these anymore low calcium levels and coffee does miss my coffee

    • @dmm4490 says:

      Hello! Just starting my detox journey. I’m trying to find good resources of info on these topics on how to go about it. Where the heck to start. Would love any suggestions

  • @greatestever8976 says:

    You can tell the strength of a nation by the health of its people. We are doomed.

  • @manymoms920 says:

    I feel so sorry for Americans the private healthcare system is wrong. Some americans have such a fear of centralised healthcare. I thank god I have the NHS and wish you could have similar. I never once have to think about cost and healthcare. When I speak to American expats here and the stories they share of back home, it’s no surprise they prefer it here. We have similar rates not far behind you, but the roll out and response and reception by the public was different because we largely believe in the NHS. It’s so complicated. When I see Americans on Facebook do crowd funding for standard chemo treatment for their kid because their insurance doesn’t cover it, it makes me sad. It needs to change.

    • @bluebird2604 says:

      Speak for yourself, not for une nation .and feel sorry for yorself USA its a Rich Nation . We have public health care in my country, Corruption, health based on medication are not healthy . We need less government and more understanding about food and prevention ., PREVENTION ITS NOT GOING TO THE DOCTOR AND MAKE EXAMS. Public health care is a very expensive system , at the and te ones who have more money use private doctors because those are always better, where is the right on that?. I am not against public health but it’s not the answer, the doctor, all the systems are government servers and the government are server of the big farm, industry, the money , Public health could work in a small country, If USA had public health, forget about all those studies,you will never had those information. Health care its better than public health.

    • @manymoms920 says:

      @@bluebird2604 I don’t fully understand what you are saying. All I see is Americans often not having the basics we have here as standard. And I think it’s very sad. It’s not right. I just want everyone to have access to healthcare, not worry about money, or payment. But like water ! whatever method.

    • @Hanover-ek4jy says:

      Where do you live?

    • @manymoms920 says:

      @@Hanover-ek4jy are you asking me, well the UK

  • @cherylthec says:


  • @skincraftorganicsllc8537 says:

    Excellent content Mark, thank you!!

  • @karenostler8195 says:

    Vitamin D3 and K2 every day for everyone! Yearly blood tests on the levels also. Game Changer. Great Video. This has fascinated me to watch your video. In the early days they were linking everything you have said to the way the body coped with Covid illness. Keep putting it out there.

  • @kathrynsamuelson1983 says:

    One of my providers told me that there aren’t national standard value ranges for normal for blood tests. Each lab decides the normal ranges for tests based on the population it tests.

  • @aprilmichael5410 says:

    Forewarned is forearmed.. thanks doc, you’re one of the very few best 🙌🏽❤

  • @RETread-xh6fr says:

    Correlation is not causation, but we have a massive outbreak of booster shots every election year.

  • @martinlang9615 says:

    85% of the US population have at least one metabolic disorder(s)/disease(s).
    Yes, that 93% figure is also true.

  • @parisconstantinou8299 says:

    great work Mark!keep going strong and thank you for all the great podcasts!!!!God bless!!

  • @munkami says:

    Love your valuable insights Dr Hyman. Wish we had someone as forward thinking as this in the UK.

    I also wonder if you know that Metformin can deplete B12 levels over time. And since B12 is metabolised in the gut, it’s a primary driver of effective immune system function.

    Many peer reviewed reports also suggest Covid-19 is linked directly to low B12 levels caused either by medication, low meat intake, or gut-related absorption disorders. And with a general population now overly-focused on plant-based diets, along with poor quality processed food intake and higher levels of alcohol intake (which burns through B vitamins), B12 deficiency may well underlie many Covid-related diseases.

  • @bluemysticspirit1460 says:

    Thanks for the helpful info Dr. Hyman!

  • @monicagiles8905 says:

    Thanks for keep us informed .

  • @danielrichwine2268 says:

    Our health system has failed us. It’s up to us as individuals to get healthy.

  • @Arrian1111 says:

    Suddenly all that matters is infectious disease. Two young, healthy looking musicians have died today, and that sort of thing doesn’t seem to warrant investigation. As a wise commenter points out down below – we have to take health into our own hands, even if we do have an NHS over here.

  • @PrayerPartnerEve says:

    Great 👍🏽 thank you

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