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In the final section of my new book, How Not to Age, I cover the Anti-Aging Eight. It is intended to be an actionable checklist to complement the Daily Dozen I introduced in my earlier book, How Not to Die. In addition to the wealth of recommendations found throughout How Not to Age, this section is designed to highlight specific foods, supplements, or behaviors that have the potential to offer the best opportunities to slow aging or improve longevity.

First on my list of the Anti-Aging Eight: Nuts.

Interventional trials have shown that eating nuts improves artery function. Nuts may also improve blood sugar control, lower cholesterol, suppress inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, and feed our friendly gut flora. Raw nuts are preferred over salted or toasted ones, and whole or chopped nuts over nut butters.

Including nuts, especially walnuts, as part of a whole food, plant-based diet may be just one of eight ways we can improve our health and longevity. My Daily Dozen recommends at least one serving of nuts or other seeds every day. A quarter cup of nuts is considered a serving.
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Dave McKinnon