Avoid THIS in Your Nut Milk! | Milk Tier List | Gut Instincts #shorts

AVOID This in YOUR Nut Milk! | Milk Tier List | Gut Instincts

Welcome to Gut Instincts! In this exciting video series, renowned health expert Dr. Gundry dives into the world of milk and milk alternatives, ranking 20 popular options on a tier list based on their impact on gut health and overall well-being.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @franklee2008 says:

    Good stuff

  • @karrskarr says:

    Appreciate these breakdown of milks! Goat keifer milk for me! Thank you for your valuable narratives!

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    Love coconut milk😋👏

  • @louiseugeniojr.3530 says:

    Thanks for the advice. I plan on sampling some coconut milk in the future.

  • @geoffbeach5650 says:

    Macadamia and pistachio milk – yum..

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