Dave McKinnon

  • @obangmariano6702 says:

    ❤thanks for sharing❤😇God bless

  • @BlackMasterJoe89 says:

    Dang, I love cliff bars too.

  • @sicklifedesigns says:

    We all know that’s a cliff bar

  • @yvettedupree3675 says:

    😳 the calorie alone is like a whole meal oh my I’m still hungry 🙄

  • @richardmacias9165 says:

    Recommend one would be nice

  • @faithm9284 says:

    They are candy bars! I was talking to a mother in Wally World who told me how she gave her kids those bar for breakfast. I said two words, candy bars. She was unaware until that moment. I bought some liquid Echinacea suggested by the sales person. She mentioned she gave it to her kids every morning. I put it in my OJ and it had a scent that eventually rang a bell. I checked the ingredients,… it had 8% alcohol, more than most wines. I went back to the sales woman and asked her if she had alcoholism in her family and she said yes. I showed her the label and told her she was giving her kids a screwdriver every morning. When you find something out that may hurt someone else and their family, you have to tell them! We have to protect each other because the gov, FDA, etc. won’t.

    • @20greeneyes20 says:

      So very nice of you to bring it to her attention. I’m sure it avoided problems down the road. You did the right thing, good for you !!! ♥️

  • @ScottYdo says:

    How about bars of SOAP! Deodorants and other personal hygiene products!
    Let’s open that can of worms!?!

    • @ismailabdelirada9073 says:

      That can is sealed by government fiat and can’t be opened.

      After World War II, Congress rewarded the chemical industry — which makes the ingredients for countless consumer products — by exempting it from regulation.

      The most cogent part of this is that the ingredients are deemed a trade secret and don’t have to be listed. They’re “proprietary information.”

      As a result, anything goes. Whatever toxic substance the industry wants to put in its products, it can. That’s how you end up with chloroform (knockout drops) as a common ingredient in the fragrance used to hide unpleasant odors in everything from detergent to deodorant.

      If people knew what was in the products they buy, they might find out the health effects of some of the ingredients and stop buying them. But thanks to Congress, that’s a secret.

  • @1984Captive says:

    Pure Goyslop. Make your own bars, spend the money on the ingredients. Freeze what your’e not using.

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    The first thing I do when buying stuff is read the ingredients

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    Happy Easter 🐰 Doc ❤❤❤

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    Where are the Reeses

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    Please doctor recommendation of good brands🙏🙏🙏

  • @OrganicRiffage says:

    So what? Sugar is not a big deal.

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    Stay away from the sugar BAR…….❤

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    😄😃😀 shopping is very fun and nice, your health guides always give me joy and happiness, your videos always make me happy and laugh, yesterday I buy a sweet potato as big as the size of my wrist 🙂🍠 happy easter sunday in church listen to message of Jesus amen 🙂

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    Let people enjoy their food please

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    Yay and not yay❤❤❤

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    Sir, I m from India, I have fallopian tube blockage, can you please suggest what I should do

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    • @marlysgoodyear7970 says:

      Thank you Dr. Mandell, did you know there are great apps now that will tell us all the hazardous ingredients that are in the so called health foods. Some energy bars are so terrible. Thank you for bringing this information to all of us. ❤🙏❤

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    no, No, and NO!!!

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