Dave McKinnon

  • @Caz_Kenneth says:

    Good words at the right time makes a heart glad
    -King Solomon

  • @annb8296 says:

    Your advice, information and positivity is helping me a lot every day Doctor. Thank you for helping us learn new things, apply them in our lives and believe in ourselves. I look forward to your videos every day ❤️

  • @junrieabbieuy5611 says:

    Believe in yourself & must have the right mindset. Thank you Dr Mandell💪👍🥰

  • @greggmeyer5836 says:

    Thank you SO MUCH I needed this today very very badly.

  • @donnabishop8992 says:

    You are an inspiration. I so appreciate what you do for humanity🌟

  • @sirgigglez says:

    with GOD i will NEVER! give up. will accomplish my dreams. i am.determine until the day i die. amen. 🙏

  • @user-ze3zf4ez2l says:

    Waw❣️ That was beautiful, and heart-felt❣️ Thank you so much❣️🙏❤️❤️❤️

  • @Human_on_earth_1 says:

    Belief helps you fight even death. Thanks Doc your guidance is valuable ❤

  • @kathleen7825 says:

    Thank You Doc🙏💗

  • @ginarassa710 says:

    Once again, doctor, you sent much needed information and positive thoughts for strength and success in my difficult time.. YOU are a great man with unconditional information to help the body physically and emotionally… Your ALWAYS in my heart and prayers for healing me and others who are in dire need.thank you for sending me what I really need right now!!!..You help me to achieve well being and good health!!..

  • @barbaraburnette9641 says:

    Another awesome message. Thank you,
    Dr. Mandell.

  • @MrCorvettegirl2 says:

    Yes & Amen
    Thank you Lord❤🙏

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    Really needed this thank you Dr Mandell ❤❤❤

  • @juliawah8674 says:

    Thanks so much ❤❤❤
    No matter what, I believe in the power of love.

  • @barbmcdonald1532 says:

    Thank you Dr. for these words! ❤

  • @mariserobillard601 says:


  • @tuft7775 says:

    Love these Dr! Timing was amazing like it was meant for me! appreciate you

  • @dalilapickell8039 says:

    Amen dr. 🙏🙏❤❤. Thank you! God bless you always.

  • @LydiaKolbe-hd5ml says:

    All about faith dear doctor Mandell..I appreciate you and your videos in all aspects of our earthy existence. from France. God guard and lead you.

  • @edwardzimmer says:

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, thank you Jesus amen

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