Best and Worst cooking oils for GUT Health

Dr. Gundry shares his recommendations for healthy cooking oils while also identifying ones to avoid. Gain valuable insights into the impact of cooking oils on gut health and overall well-being.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @bilid4128 says:

    How about Cow Ghee ?

  • @rypatmackrock says:

    Dr. Gundry. After following and benefiting from your dietary advice and occasional products for the past several years, there is one part of the plant paradox plan in phase 2 that I would like to hear more about in a video possibly. That is the need to use avocado oil for the first two weeks of phase 2, before returning to quality extra-virgin olive oil for the healthy polyphenols.
    Please take this as a question for a future video to be answered.

    Thanks in advance.

    • @GundryMDYT says:

      We love this question! Adding it now to our list to possibly cover in a future YouTube video. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more exciting videos!

    • @rypatmackrock says:

      @@GundryMDYT I have been subscribed to the main podcast channel when it was initially doing shorter videos, and the MD channel.

  • @kulturfreund6631 says:


  • @allste626 says:

    Ah, I see you delete comments on this channel. The little credibility you had went to exactly zero. Anyway, keep up with the fearmongering.

  • @deveshmehta says:

    Dr. Gundry, you have also put Rice Bran oil in your ‘Yes” list. But you have never advocated about it in your YouTube videos. Isn’t it that good? I have been using it since the day i read The Plant Paradox about six years ago and have benefitted immensely from it. Thanks for everything Dr. Gundry.

  • @umayalai6319 says:

    ❤🎉❤ coconut pressed oil is good, but don’t over heat the oil

  • @hocklee9299 says:

    Mr gundry…. palm oil is also very low in omega 6…. why u dont reccomend?

  • @gman_5312 says:

    Dr Gundry polyphenol olive oil is the best.

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