Dave McKinnon

  • @averagestudent4358 says:

    Reducing the video length would be great. Just a suggestion.😊

    • @sunnyadams5842 says:

      You don’t have to watch a video all at one time!! Also, have you ever tried just listening and learning while you go about other business.?? That can be quite pleasant, especially with wireless headphones on, I get a TON DONE all while learning in my ears!! Good Luck with that time- management…❤😮

    • @shikhab2250 says:

      I usually hear yhese long vids while cooking 😊

  • @christinaedwards356 says:

    Very informative podcast. I began intermittent fasting a year ago. I fast through the night after dinner, so fast 16 hours daily as well as skip lunch every Tuesday and Friday and have had positive results with bloat and skin health.

  • @carmencruz3167 says:

    Thank you very much Dr. God bless you

  • @88jameson88 says:

    Being a woke liberal is the biggest sign of Magnesium deficiency

  • @sunnyadams5842 says:

    This is wonderful.!! The longer the bettr! Nothing is more important than learning how to stay healthy and really UNDERSTAND how our bodies work is key. Thank You, Dr.
    I left counsening
    And found Sanity
    I stpped taling medication
    And found Health
    I stopped going to church
    And found God!!!!!

  • @annaslawinska1445 says:

    Herbs dried/ pesto 100g coriander 694mcg x174% dv chive x160% mintx 151% dill x112% sage x 107% basil x 106% cocca powder x 125% pumpkin seed x 131% …

  • @bruceadonnelly69 says:

    Thank you Sir!!

  • @SUELUE55 says:

    Do you wear sunscreen? You have an awesome tan.

  • @yvonnehigginson3154 says:

    Please DO NOT reduce video length…for some of us “it’s all in the detail Watson’….

  • @aija584 says:

    Thank you for your best advice.

  • @KJSvitko says:

    It is just crazy that Doctors do not get nutrition training in Medical schools.
    Every doctor visit should include some nutrition discussion. The majority of the population is over weight or obese leading to high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. Schools and hospital cafeterias should be leading the way to good health by setting the example of what is a healthy meal and teaching people what to eat and why.. Every person in the hospital for heart disease should have a nutrition class before being checked out from the hospital with follow up education and training in nutrition. Medicare and Medicaid should require patient nutrition education as part of their standard of care. Nutrition information should be run on the hospital TV channel.

  • @liceous says:

    Why ru a dilf

  • @ByDesign333 says:

    What’s so funny about constipation and diarrhea please Mark? You chuckle at the most inappropriate points. But I’m grateful for your great advise!!! I do share your channel. Thnx.
    What about letting effects on gut?
    What about microwaving foods please? Cheers.

  • @ronaldpennington3858 says:

    Can reducing inflammation help with diabetic neuropathy in your feet.

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