Can Getting Transfusions of Young Blood Slow Aging?

Ready for the mind-blowing twist in the mystery of why the injection of blood from young animals into old ones has a rejuvenative effect?

If you missed it, the previous video was Parabiosis Experiments Prove Bloodborne Aging Factors ( ).

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

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  • @VeganTrove says:

    Poor mice. 😑 Go vegan for Peace

    • @oskariKN25 says:

      As problematic as it is we have no versatile virtual human biology model that our current servers could even run if we did have such a thing, for better understanding of human treatment mammal models such as mice are necessary until some hypothetical quantum computer run simulation can replace such a thing. Unless of course you think the early 1900s human experiments should be repeated but thinking that human lives are metaphysically inferior to other animals lives strikes me as…tactless.

    • @garrettb69 says:

      Poor children

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  • @RoughNeckDelta says:

    Anyone know where regular people can get this done?

    • @bashisobsolete.pythonismyn6321 says:

      plant based diet to keep your blood vessels clear. take a daily low-dose aspirin. several times a day, eat fresh fruit. stay hydrated with a weak brew of hibiscus / green tea / fresh lemon.

    • @projekte.a.s.i.5112 says:

      Some far away island with conspiracy theorists, I guess.

  • @chimneycakes1592 says:

    Dr Greger what do you think NAD+ supplement?

  • @wadepatton2433 says:

    Tech note: Finally a change in the intro bumper. I don’t love it, but the duration is good. Hate it when they’re way too long and loud. Thanks for the semi-retro bumper we have now. These things “add up” when you watch 20-30 videos in a row like I did when “catching up” several years ago. Carry on.

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      my problem is the shreaking sound the current intro makes, it also strikes me as unnecessarily old in visual quality, Just a small visual effect logo popping out of thin air or something would be better.

    • @bashisobsolete.pythonismyn6321 says:

      probably designed that way for an older audience.

  • @leroyj62 says:

    Boomer nietzsche studies

  • @bashisobsolete.pythonismyn6321 says:

    i see the comments got shoa’d

  • @barbarasaunders2160 says:

    So would therapeutic bloodletting be the same?

  • @Suomaaken says:

    Ask Hillary😂

  • @robertr.1052 says:

    You look younger and better without the beard.

  • @DrSpooglemon says:

    So how do we achieve that same results without having needles poked into us? Is it kale? Please tell me it’s kale.

  • @Adeday_Mamo says:

    i CAN’T WAIT for the Bryan Johnson & DrGreger thoughts.

  • @monicasong427 says:

    Human relevant studies only please.

  • @julianvega2677 says:

    Studies show that pregnancy has protective effects on the mother’s heart. Is this similar?

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