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  • @ChristopherDrummond-jp1do says:

    I use all his remedies and they work amazing. I wish all doctors would give out this information. Instead they give out the prescription for the pharmaceutical company paying them to do so!

  • @claudettesimmons3718 says:

    ❤❤❤❤ Dr you’re truly awesome thank you

  • @pinkchilldivestmentor says:

    This is a great idea. I’ve also been reading that Braggs is water down and Fairchild is the brand to use because they’re not diluted. I just ordered some on Amazon. I’m finishing up a bottle of Braggs. I will never use them again.

  • @obangmariano6702 says:

    ❤we learned alot to your video.😇❤thanks for sharing helpful tip to us😇God bless You😇

  • @annb8296 says:

    I got some Apple Cider Vinegar yesterday after watching your video about it. I’m going to start using it. I have also bought flax seeds and celery seeds per your recommendations. I’m also doing the deep breathing exercises every day now and some of your other exercises. I have many more of your suggestions I’m going to implement. Thank you Dr. Mandell for informing and enlightening us on our health and how to improve it. I look forward to your suggestions every day 🙂❤️💯

  • @sadoxell5462 says:

    Love your channel!

  • @valeriearroyo3300 says:

    Thank you for sharing.🙏

  • @naomispeaks7217 says:

    This is one of the few I believe on social media. Love this doc. The things I’ve tried from this channel usually works

  • @naomispeaks7217 says:

    I met a lady who swears by this product. She said she truly believe this was one of the things that helped her when she had cancer. She said put about 2 tops of it in a bottle of water and sip it all day everyday.

    • @20greeneyes20 says:

      Yes it’s amazing it’s like a fix all.
      Even the white / straight vinegar for cleaning just about everything. Kill weeds as well with salt and soap. Amazing!

  • @NancyFreire-dv4pi says:

    You will be blessed Dr because you are for us little folks

  • @renalatrice8930 says:

    ❤your skin is aging backwards!! The glow 🌟 the smoothness the shine from the inside ❤keep it up Sexy ❤

  • @dakoderii4221 says:

    Makes food taste better too. Also helps with mineral absorption.

  • @ComeKingJesus says:

    Got some Doc. ❤my Dr. MANDELL

  • @pjjohnson2973 says:

    I watch all your videos, and I just am addicted to all the healthy news you passed to us

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    You’re amazing Dr. Mandell. Thank you❤

  • @Eritrean543 says:

    Years I’m following you
    Dr you are the best ❤

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    This man always brings a smile. 🙂🙏❤️

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    Thanks Dr Mandell Jehovah bless you abundantly 🎉

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    Thank you doctor. God bless you continuely.

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    Thank you doc.Mendel you are doing anything to make our lifes better.You are the best👍

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