Coffee Additives Are RUINING Your Health!

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In this short clip from the Dr. Gundry Podcast, learn about the common additives we put in our coffee that can negate its health benefits. Dr. Gundry shares his insights on how to enjoy your morning coffee without compromising its nutritional value. Subscribe for more health and nutrition tips from Dr. Gundry!

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Dave McKinnon

  • @probliss2193 says:

    What about oat milk?

  • @vivianrios6007 says:


  • @claudiavasilevsky3452 says:

    What about goat milk?

  • @demesewmereid9147 says:


  • @radessvk4441 says:

    Whats wrong with the cream?wondering.

  • @rahansimone says:


  • @justsayin6795 says:

    I don’t drink coffee for one benefit only. For my taste buds
    Nuff said

  • @RkicF8 says:

    I use goat milk and cacao.

  • @mrsks5399 says:

    And how are you backing this up?

  • @JohnSmith-nj4zq says:

    How does it cancel out? It’s not like there’s a chemical reaction going on in the cup. All the benefits should still be there.

  • @danasavage3810 says:

    This guy is a crack

  • @davidbrogan606 says:

    Cream (light or heavy) does not have the proteins that inhibit.

  • @davidbrogan606 says:

    Does anybody drink coffee for a health benefit???

  • @Checkmate34851 says:

    No good tie

  • @annebialecki283 says:

    Like mine black. Cannot tolerate dairy. This all is good to know. 👍

  • @petasmith8592 says:

    This guy! 😂

  • @jeanalix93aj says:

    I’m advertising for Dr Gundry more since I saw that video of that man Dr Mike trying to come for him. Dr Gundry handled that interview like a champ. The video is called “confronting Dr Gundry on Lectins or type Dr Gundry “Dr” Mike

  • @rickd438 says:

    Dr. Gundry says “milk” like “melk”

  • @abhijust321 says:

    Mad man

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