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Cumin-Roasted Carrots with Chickpeas and Tomatoes from The How Not to Diet Cookbook. #nutritionfact

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • josh nelson says:

    eat some protein. you aren’t a cow

  • dj121 says:

    I ate about 6-7 pounds of plain potatoes in one meal last night. My fasting glucose this morning was 88. The glycemic index clearly doesn’t matter. Is anyone here still worried about the glycemic index?

    • infinity says:

      No, we are worried about micronutrients. Plain potatoes give you a very narrow list of nutrients. Where do you get the other nutrients from? For one or two meals it doesn’t matter, but you can’t eat plain potatoes forever and expect to thrive.

  • Jill Hollon says:

    That looks so delicious!!! 😋😋😋
    I’ll take a plate for now and one for later!!

  • Commenter says:

    now that’s a real meal 👌

  • ajk347 says:

    Zero color on those venues. Learn to roast properly

    • Patrick Blouin says:

      Browning creates acrylamide which is a potential carcinogen, so it’s a tradeoff with longevity to skip oil and do it more steamed like this.

    • dj121 says:

      @Patrick Blouin does that mean that Kasha is bad? It tastes a lot better than regular buckwheat.

  • Dylan Watson says:

    where you getting purple and yellow carrots from?

  • aoeuhtnsqwerty says:

    I really appreciate the recipes, but my problem with the How Not to Diet Cookbook is most of the recipes taste very similar because a couple of spice mixes are used in nearly everything. It’s very healthy but very monotonous if you were to base most of your cooking off of it. I have to use the book only occasionally to keep things interesting

    • infinity says:

      Experiment and learn to use your own spice/herb mixes. For example, this dish would be equally nice with various spice/herb mixes: Indian, Mexican, Italian, Arab, etc. To get to the next level, you try different vegetables and legumes, and then pair them with your own choice of grains and fresh or sauteed leafy greens. So just this one dish has literally hundreds of variations. Then think of other types of dishes (stews, wraps, veggie burgers, pasta, etc) where you can vary the spices and veggies/legumes/grains, and you have tens of thousands of meals.

  • Happy TX says:

    😮I will be making this recipe. Yum. Thanks

  • T G says:

    you don’t have to use oil, but at least have some fat in that meal..

  • pookiroo says:

    I would cry if I had to eat that

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