Depressed or Anxious? You May Never Eat Sugar Again After Watching This | Dr. Mark Hyman

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Excess sugar consumption is one of the deadliest drugs of our time, and it’s virtually ubiquitous in our modern-day industrialized food system. Everywhere you turn, there’s sugar—from blended coffees to protein bars, drinks, dressings, snacks, and everything in between. Even seemingly “healthy” packaged foods often contain heaps of added sugar, and its impact has proven catastrophic for our mental and metabolic health.

As the other white powder, sugar hijacks our brain chemistry, making us addicted, inflamed, sick, and depressed. But the good news is that most of the health issues that arise from eating too much sugar can be completely reversed in as little as 14 days.

In today’s Health Bites episode, we’re exploring the research connecting sugar addiction to poor mental health and what you can do to clean up the excess sugar to reclaim your health and feel better, and more energized.

In this episode, I discuss:

The prevalence of sugar in our diet and its impact on mental health (2:00)
Hidden sources of sugar in our diets (7:27)
How sugar affects our mood and brain function (11:42)
How insulin resistance leads to systemic inflammation and changes in mood (16:16)
Strategies to reduce sugar intake for better mental health (20:41)
The role of supplements, exercise, stress, and sleep in blood sugar management (26:40)

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Dave McKinnon

  • @summerwinter4 says:

    Sugar is poison!

  • @dianasandstrom5562 says:

    I am a retired RN. In the hospital I worked I noticed that some of the foods that were given to our diabetic patients had HFC, the first or second ingredient, for example the so called fruit juices, diabetic jellies……. I personally will not buy anything with HFC in it.

    • @SLambert2416 says:

      What is HFC?

    • @mossyoakmom8880 says:

      High fructose corn syrup.
      I don’t buy HFCS either.

    • @HML-it7te says:

      Yes yes yes! I can’t believe what crap the “dieticians” feed us when in hospital when it almost always actually contributes to our poor health condition. I visited a friend of mine in hospital recently and was shocked at the hidden sugars in all “food”. I tried to passively educate my friend, but it was like talking to a brick wall. He clearly is metabolically very unwell.

  • @a.h.kfoury6909 says:

    Dr. Hyman since I am watching your videos, I am doing whatever you recommend. I trust in everything you say, after 6 months I cheated only once, remembering that you once said we can cheat one day. I am feeling much better. Thank you so much. God bless you.

  • @shadylane7988 says:

    Both of my dad’s parents lived to be 95. My grandfather built a house with my dad at 85. They ate sugar. Grammy always had candy dishes out. She made the best coconut cake with jelly beans for easter and my bday. Back then, the food industry wasn’t hip on killing us for greed. Times have changed.

    • @angelealaahnaann4589 says:

      You telling the truth back then the government wasn’t trying to kill us now we really have danger everywhere

    • @amyrobinson8598 says:

      The difference then was that they weren’t eating all of the added sugar in processed food, they were eating much cleaner so a piece of candy here and there, cakes for special events etc didn’t have the same impact.

    • @gaiacielo5090 says:

      Yeah exactly they didn’t eat the processed foods and the vegetable oils so much

    • @smania7575 says:

      Sugar is in so much nowadays. And not just plain sugar, but the overly processed high fructose corn syrup, sucralose, etc. That, along with the seed oils is nasty for your body.

      Ever since my husband and I switched to mostly homemade food and cut out most sugar, we feel better, more awake, have more energy, most of my husband’s GI issues went away, and my anxiety has mostly disappeared.

    • @MidnightVentures says:

      Back then there was no high fructose corn syrup

  • @user-chrisgou says:

    Σε ευχαριστώ για τα βιβλία που έγραψες και ειναι μεταφρασμενα σε πολλες γλώσσες έτσι με αυτόν τον τρόπο μπορείς να βοηθήσεις ανθρώπους απο ολο τον κοσμο.. greetings from Greece 🇬🇷🙏🏼

  • @avashavash1594 says:

    Thank you, doctor!
    We know now that sugary foods are not good, but why people still eat sugar?
    Very easy answer: they have no joy,only work ,even they do not sleep enough.

  • @user-chrisgou says:

    Your books is gifts of life❤️🙏🏼🇬🇷

  • @AliceMcDonnell says:

    “Below the neck your body can’t tell the difference between a bowl of sugar and a bowl of cornflakes.”
    Excellent quote

  • @soho71 says:

    I’ve been on carnivore for 3 months, I feel so much better, but the rabbit hole journey has shown me the evils of big sugar. I feel very betrayed by the world. They don’t want us living to 100…. They want us fat, dumb and sick!

    • @HML-it7te says:

      11 month Carnivore here (many Lion diet).
      THIS is exactly what I have found on my journey. I can’t believe how mistreated we are…treated like cash cows. So glad I’m off that merry go round. Life is amazing again. Best it’s been since I was 10yo (now 53).

    • @micheleshively8557 says:

      Healthy people are customers lost

  • @kyleejohnson4092 says:

    I believe I harness the power to cure my type 2 diabetes! With God’s help and the strength he has given me, I beat anxiety, with His help, I replaced fear with faith! I can do this. Thank you for your care. God Bless you, Kylee Johnson

  • @KW-qd9vq says:

    Sugar addict in recovery here 👋. It’s been over 2 yrs and I still struggle at times. I’ve resigned myself to accept that this might be a life long thing that I have to manage. The health benefits that I have experienced by cutting out most sugar far outweigh the occasional struggle.

    • @smania7575 says:

      My husband and I still struggle sometimes too. It’s been about three years since we cut out most sugar from our diet. I’ve found social gatherings are the worst. Most people bring deserts or sugar filled processed foods. It’s difficult to say no when you have tons of sugar sitting there.

      I think we need a Sugarholics Anonymous group to help people trying to keep sugar consumption low. Lol

    • @judymiller5154 says:

      ​@@smania7575as with alcohol, some of us must abstain from sugars – moderation inevitably leads to excess.

    • @johannesswillery7855 says:

      @@smania7575 I have found that the most difficult aspect of eating healthy is the social issues. I don’t get invited to dinner anymore……

    • @pinanay says:

      I’ve been trying to quit sugar for 17 days. It’s still a struggle and I’m grateful for this video. I’m also glad that I’m not alone in this. Let’s do this, guys!💪🏼

    • @RC-qf3mp says:

      Don’t eat any sugar substitutes or sweeteners for three days. Whenever you want sugar, eat bacon. Problem solved. Cravings go away.

  • @searlearnold2867 says:

    Yes, isn’t it amazing that you feed kids breakfast laced with sugar, send them off to school on a sugar high, give them lunches and snacks laced with sugar, then expect them to sit quietly and do schoolwork all day and then people are shocked when the school says your kid has ADD/ADHD and the doctor says they have juvenile diabetes and a whole host of other conditions. The term child abuse comes to mind.

  • @glengraham7681 says:

    An attitude of gratitude

    PPT avoid the wrong people and wrong places and wrong things

    Decide what your triggers are and avoid triggers

    Stop emotional eating

  • @SouthernKristi says:

    HELP! For me controlling blood sugar is rocket science😢 No one discusses Type 1 Diabetes….I was diagnosed in 2021 at 47, outta nowhere & no family history. I was doing keto thankfully so I didn’t go into DKA. I’ve since went to a low carb diet but I’m suffering from inflammation, brain fog, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety & more.

    • @the_review_lady_channel says:

      My husband has type 1 and I was thinking how this would apply to him.

      Probably same principles but instead of using a straight simple carb/sugar to bring up a low, using a whole food source (a few figs, etc).

      He was diagnosed at age 6, I can’t imaging getting such a late in life diagnosis.

    • @Killerbee67 says:

      A functional nutritionalist can help.

  • @michelegioffredo8811 says:

    You keep preaching. I hope some day these people wake up. It’s not looking good.

  • @manoflegacy says:

    Sugar should be listed as a carcinogen.

  • @carolallison9685 says:

    I had hypoglycemia for a long time as a teen. It took years to figure out that it was actually because i ate too much sugar. For a long time in my early adult life i ate extremely clean and it went away. When i met my husband, my eating habits got bad again, and it came back and i developed pcos. We are both eating much healthier now, but im also starting to go through menopause, and am dealing with painful ovarian cysts. I have screwed myself up and am reaping what ive sown as i get older. For all you young people, dont get into bad eating habits because you will pay for it in middle age.

  • @deanrothgeb9489 says:

    I was a high school administrator, and every school day I stood in the lunch room and watched the garbage that the federal government subsidized. I remember asking the lady in charge about the serving requirements. Like a protein, two vegetables, a fruit etc. I remember looking at a lunch one day and saying “I only see one vegetable” in which she replied “no there are two!”. “Right there.” One was green beans she stated and with a straight face she pointed out “catsup” as the other vegetable. Oh a “peanut butter goodie” was considered extra protein. It is protein but really!

  • @contessajones5619 says:

    Adults don’t know how to say, “NO!” They give in to children who refuse to eat this or that then cave and let them eat non nutritious food. Schools do the same. Nobody has the guts to change menus or let kids starve if they don’t want to eat. Believe me, they won’t starve.

    My children ate homemade soup from the time they could eat. Homemade soup takes 10 minutes to make. And you always have something to eat in fridge!

    Home Economics was removed from curriculum back in the day. Nobody is learning how and why food is so important especially with children.

    Wake up!

  • @dougjstl1 says:

    Dr Mark, great man save the people save the MD medical doctor.

  • >