Diabetes: A Food-Borne Disease | Gary Taubes

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Approximately 1.2 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes each year​. Understanding the complex nature of this disease is crucial to tackling this widespread health issue. Award-winning science and health journalist Gary Taubes joins me to delve into the history of diabetes and modern treatment options. Together, we explore the use of ketogenic diets, the impact of drugs like Ozempic, and the need to reassess our approach to diabetes management.

In this episode, we discuss:
The evolution of diabetes treatment
Assumptions about diabetes and the influence of dietary choices
The role of calorie intake and exercise in diabetes management
The limitations of current drugs used to treat diabetes
Clinical trials and their impact on our understanding of diet and health
The choice between drug therapy and dietary changes in managing diabetes

Join us to discover how bias and ingrained beliefs can obstruct progress in understanding how to treat this chronic illness.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @CharlesKing-mr3wc says:

    I’ve been tested genius IQ I feel stupid when I listen to you guys so intelligent and intellectual to a level I never thought I would find in my life this time around
    I’m so very gratefull 🎉 add a stroke heart attacks.
    Diabetic now I’m getting better thanks to you.
    Flourish and prosper
    Nothing short

    • @SoSo-ss6ub says:

      All you have to do is listen to all of them enough and your genius iq should kick in

    • @user-kj6sz4we5o says:

      Read, read and read some more… whatever interests you? We should then start being able to grasp ideas much more easily?

  • @ashleygorrie4698 says:

    I’m diabetic Type MODY (Genetic)

    I tell people I’m allergic to carbs because without carbohydrates, I am within normal range (without insulin)

    • @charvankerck3426 says:

      good for for you to figure this out . SMART .

    • @Udoshia says:

      I tell people I’m also allergic to carbs for the same reason…because people believe medicine and drug companies…I was diagnosed with diabetes and changed my diet and completely turned it all around…i told my doctor I did it with food and he said yes I did but he had never seen anyone do that before…he was in his 60’s so of course he had seen that before…because they probably never went back.I know a famous doctor in my city who uses insulin and pays no attention to his diet so…he needs more and more insulin….he eats starchy frozen dinners and very few fresh anything…..and I lost 40 pounds and have kept it off for 12 years

  • @charvankerck3426 says:

    difficult to get doc to order fasting insulin tests . all they know is A1C. Father grandfather, grandmother. and lots of cousins… diabetic. one is on insulin pump since he was 20. type one or two? who knows on ancestors? early 1920 and later . I know I just feel better when I DONT do carbs and sugar 😮😮😮

    • @carlosipec2270 says:

      My father add type 1 diabetes, for a short while. My mother and grandmother also add it… I have type 1, NOW, at 55.
      The government diabetes questionnaire still bang constantly, on the same question “family diabetes”. As in the implication it’s “genetic”. Nowadays I know that’s sheer stupidity!

      I changed to intermittent fasting and carnivore. Lo & behold diabetes no more!

      They don’t seem to consider that it’s not a family “thing” in terms of genetics. It’s a family “thing” in terms of learned feeding habits! You learn those bad habits with your mother and your grandmother… etc. That’s the family connection.
      If it was genetic it wouldn’t radically change just because of a diet alteration. 😉

      With that said I saw my mother and grandmother suffer, a lot. No doctor ever told any of them to change diet! Nowadays just thinking about it is shocking! We all continued eating bread, rice, cereals, sugars, chocolates… you name it! 😞

    • @johnow7 says:

      @@carlosipec2270 Whenever I see someone opposite of your family who are obese, are at a healthy A1C, going on about how their obesity is not a problem and they are healthy, I ask, “What is your fasting insulin?” I don’t get an answer.

    • @calliegal235 says:

      That’s what matters; what you have discovered about you.

    • @Jupiter_Crash says:

      Use ownyourlabs or some other independent lab service.

  • @user-br9xi4ny8j says:

    absalutly good

  • @skincraftorganicsllc8537 says:

    I LOVE this conversation and both you & Gary Taubes – thank you for such valuable information!! 🙂

  • @keithmarshalldds511 says:

    What are your thoughts on Allulose as a sugar replacement?

  • @aija1085 says:

    Thank you 🙏

  • @SoSo-ss6ub says:

    I hope they touch on how many veg a person with type 2 diabetes should eat. Most of the time, Hyman says eat tons of non-starchy veg. Is that something someone with pre or type 2 diabetes should be doing? He needs to qualify his statement ie) eat non-starchy veg in abundance each day unless you have pre or type 2 diabetes

  • @Denise-fx1oc says:

    Ketovore or carnivore is the best diet for diabetes. It’s simple & has numerous benifits

  • @kennettle says:

    Gary Taubes a true legend.

  • @VoiceoverMomentum says:

    Why are you always ragging on Ozempic? Dr. Tyna can tell you that it also does a lot of good!

  • @VamanosLetsgo says:

    “Look, diabetes specialists, of all people, know that a calorie isn’t a calorie, except for Peter Attia”. 🤭🤣🤣 Shots fired (and rightfully so)!!!
    Speak that truth, Gary Taubes! 💙

  • @TM-ur1qw says:

    I caught the diss of Attia 😮

  • @shannoncowden9830 says:

    I am going thru this right now I am trying to get my blood sugar regulated and my doctor keeps telling me to eat carbs and gave me metformin.
    This a big conversation.

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