Dave McKinnon

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    What do you think about farm raised salmon for healthy omega’s??

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    I’ve hit my head with the racket a few times 😂 I like to think I’m better coordinated now. And I’ve been working with the kids to get them hand,eye, foot coordinated. Gonna get us some more badminton 🏸 rackets this week.

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    I’m glad you guys are happy! The work you both do is beyond appreciated. Thank you.

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    My doctor told me eat more sugar because my glucose was at 58 the other day. I’m REALLY trying to figure out this diet thing. I’m lactose intolerant as well. Should I look for things that go well with my blood type? O-

    I have so many questions. It’s hard to do the research when everyone is different. How can I know which way to go? Not just for me but for my son and all that I come in contact with.

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    How can I know if I got any head trauma? I was physically abused by my ex. And he hit me in the back of my head a lot….. I’ve been healing for 3 years now from the trauma.

    I do feel better than I ever have.

    But I have a lot of worries. And that isn’t no good.

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    So can trauma be fixed? When you say “you can fix your brain” is it possible to fix that?

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    keep on the great work guys and thank you for all!!!!

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    It sucks that it’s almost impossible to get a brain scan because they deny you. At least in my state (SC) it’s been about 15 years since I got a scan. I’ve requested a scan again. But got denied.

    I was told I have PTSD. I’m healing myself….by myself….with the help of my son and children.

    I just want another scan.

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    Dr. Mark: I just got my function health results and I was told I was too high in omega 3’s (???) and to take less supplementation?
    I take cod liver oil daily and eat low omega 6 foods. Do I really have to change my intake? ( EPA and DHA 5.5%; EPA 1.6%, 6:3 ratio 4.1)
    Thx, V

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