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Dave McKinnon

  • @KRISHNA7118 says:

    Sir, there’s no sound.

  • @craws_ak says:

    No volume,, or is it me?

  • @martinlang9615 says:

    No volume Dr Berg??

  • @annabee1393 says:

    Doc, your video is muted😢

  • @josi5068 says:

    I think audio is muted

  • @debrakwilliams48 says:

    Captions unavailable.

  • @a.s.m.3246 says:

    Fix the sound please !

  • @maxallen9372 says:

    bro found a glitch to make every NPC comment the same thing

  • @nellosnook4454 says:

    No audio.

  • @spangler3901 says:

    I ate too many Doritos and now I can’t hear!!

  • @pseudonymhacklife4111 says:

    If it weren’t for the comment section, I’d have spent another 10 minutes troubleshooting. Indeed, no sound. 😊

  • @xavierjames8085 says:

    Okay so we’re all having the same problem got nervous for a second 😂

  • @AlienVisitor777 says:

    The fact that 134 people (so far) still liked this video shows how much Dr. Berg is loved lol

  • @WTC7 says:

    Dr Berg had been silenced both literally and figuratively

  • @adelalaird6318 says:

    I don’t eat processed foods period nada zero. They’re poisoning my water with something. Thank you Dr.Berg for your supportive video ❤

  • @debrakwilliams48 says:

    The captions are just above the bottom description on the bottom. You have to read fast. No ability to slow down the video. It states the average person consumes 60% of their from ultra processed foods where they strip the nutrients out. In college, he loved to eat Doritos. He would eat huge bags of Doritos. He had no information about health. It was the worst. The next morning he would wake up with fluid retention in his fingers and feet. In the past Doritos had 11 ingredients. Now there’s more like 30. Its like dipping a taco with hot wings, and then into Ranch dressing. There is a lot of potassium in Doritos and a lot of sodium in restaurant food.

  • @paulamucinga118 says:

    We don’t need sound to know what the price is…..
    the picture says it all!!! The price is early death with poor quality of life before!!

  • @UniversalPatriots says:

    God help us all Patriots we are being silenced .

  • @edy3569 says:

    Given that there are dozens of comments -all saying the same thing – that there’s no sound, I think there is a real possibility that the video doesn’t have sound🤣

  • @02601capecod says:

    I like how you put captions so if they mute you we can still read it 😂. Haha I read every word! Good information. They add so much garbage to our food and even water it’s unfair.

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