Dr. Gundry’s World Famous Nut Mix Recipe!

Dr. Gundry's World Famous Nut Mix Recipe
Today I’m roasting up my Nut Mix 3.0 recipe. toss them with Olive Oil, garlic, rosemary, sage and for a little kick, add a bit of cayenne pepper. YES nuts include: walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, baruka, hazelnuts. (Please avoid using cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or peanuts) This nut mix makes enough for a snack of a 1/2 cup per day for the whole week. So, it’s great to prep on the weekends for your week ahead. I store mine in a Christmas cookie jar – then they really feel like a treat! Enjoy!

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Dave McKinnon

  • @cmonarrez1513 says:

    I tried this mix on a sweet potato/yuca tortilla, added some fresh onions and cilantro with chipotle hot souce very tasty, thanks Dr.

  • @TheMarcdees says:

    i will try it without the oil and seasonings

  • @Kotyk_Murkotyk says:

    Perhaps my squirrels will like this mix 🐿️ 🐿️

  • @serajacob8278 says:

    Favorite 😊

  • @madriddance says:

    Love to yo try. I love plain nuts, so this will be some added pizzaz!

  • @Dreambig6636 says:

    can leaky gut/pre diabetic and ibs C patient use this nut mixer??? or it elevates leaky gut synptoms

    • @tinarodriguez9120 says:

      Those are all good nuts for IBS people😊

    • @Dreambig6636 says:

      @@tinarodriguez9120 ThanQ so much.. Well how do you know any authentic source please…?

    • @tinarodriguez9120 says:

      @@Dreambig6636 I have Dr Gundrys cook book and I also have a library app on my phone so I can get all kinds of free books. Dr Gundry has a list of things you can eat and things you can’t eat in this cookbook. I’ve been eating this way for quite some time now and it’s working. Last a couple of dress sizes.

  • @andrewsommerdc says:

    Sorry, Doc outside of the macadamia nuts you’re talking mega amount of oxalates and too much omega 6 compared to omega-3

    Taste wise-I’m sure it’s amazing

  • @DavidNamdvili says:


  • @thousandoaks.2080 says:

    Chef gundry ❤

  • @heather-vs9qe says:

    That’s a greek recipe

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