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Drink at least 60 ounces of healthy beverages a day. #dailydozenchallenge #hibiscustea #hibiscus

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • @BartSundberg says:

    I’m in a business meeting. Had to go to the bathroom to watch this. Had to watch immediately!! 💚🍓

  • @Ardentic-aa says:

    Genuine question. When did this nonsense start and why wouldn’t our diuretic hormones and sense of thirst handle this challenge?

    • @luckyhanger1326 says:

      you’ve never been thirsty? You don’t believe in healthy beverages? A genuine question would probably not start with a useless comment that adds nothing to the question.

    • @prepcoin_nl4362 says:

      Of all the things Dr. Greger has said, you want to question the validity of “Drink more water” as health advice?

    • @mellocello187 says:

      @@luckyhanger1326I never once saw either of my parents or any of my grandparents drink a glass of water. You’re actually supposed to get hydration from vegetables and fruit. The minerals and phytonutrients help the water cross cell walls and actually do something good for your body, not just flush out your electrolytes.

    • @luckyhanger1326 says:

      @@mellocello187 sounds like you may not be very attentive. Is that what you are trying to say about your parents and grandparents? I’ll bet they had a drink or two I agree, we do get hydration from plants. 🙂

    • @mellocello187 says:

      @@luckyhanger1326 You completely missed my point.

  • @Ebony-nu3jc says:

    È piacevole far parte di una comunità in cui le differenze vengono celebrate e abbracciate.😘

  • @CarlineTadeo says:

    Questa conversazione sottolinea l’importanza della curiosità e dell’apprendimento permanente.🐱

  • @sapa6483 says:

    What constitutes a glass in OZ please!?

  • @misterx3188 says:

    What about the fluoride content of green tea?

    • @siegfriedfurtwanglerknappe6188 says:

      Think about it. Green tea is consistently linked with positive health outcomes. You can worry about its fluoride content, which it definitely has, but is that worrying changing anything for the better?

    • @jonnyoneplate says:

      Y’all talkin about raw green tea or fortified green tea?

    • @misterx3188 says:

      @@siegfriedfurtwanglerknappe6188 Maybe pregnant women should avoid it.

    • @misterx3188 says:

      @@jonnyoneplate No, normal green tea.

    • @imthinkingthoughts says:

      I was thinking the same thing. The other commenter has a good point, it’s associated with health outcomes regardless. The more I learn the more negatives there are to everything so it’s important to be balanced, follow the evidence, and be open minded.

      On the note of fluoride, I am considering getting a water distiller for my tap water

  • @bubblybull2463 says:

    How about adding cucumber slices ? Love the taste of it, but is it healthy or it only looks healthy ?

    • @oskariKN25 says:

      …its…a Vegetable? It isnt toxic. Compared to kale its health benefits are quite lack luster but its better than no vegetables. Certainly as its mostly water it would add some extra hydration.

  • @IAMLove33 says:

    🌞 Blessings

  • @yukonnoka says:

    what about chamomile?

  • @WeCelebrateEatingPlants says:

    Frozen cherries 🍒 😀🥳❤

  • @jonnyoneplate says:


  • @Xundqwer says:

    Wait🤔 if green tea is probably the healthiest beverage. And hibiscus tea is third… Which is second???😅

  • @marierosa3344 says:

    And also salt-reduced vegetable broth 💪

  • @manateekimpt says:

    What about seltzer or carbonated mineral water?

  • @chatterati says:

    💧 drink water 💧 good advice and a good reminder of like to learn more about dehydration on the body and brain

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