Eggs, Cholesterol, and Your Arteries: The Real Story | Dr. Mandell

There is a lot of hype going on regarding eggs, particularly about the cholesterol that's in the yolk. To this date there is no consistent data that shows any relationship between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol.


Cholesterol plays a role in forming and maintaining cell membranes and structures.
Cholesterol can insert between fat molecules making up the cell, making the membrane more fluid. Cells also need cholesterol to help them adjust to changes in temperature.
Cholesterol is essential for making a number of critical hormones, including the stress hormone cortisol. Cholesterol is also used to make the sex hormones testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen.
The liver also uses cholesterol to make bile, a fluid that plays a vital role in the processing and digestion of fats.
Cholesterol is used by nerve cells for insulation.
Your body also needs cholesterol to make vitamin D.
In the presence of sunlight, cholesterol is converted into vitamin D. I hope you enjoy this video. Dr. Mandell

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Dave McKinnon

  • @2getherWeAreWAND says:

    I eat farm fresh eggs from my neighbors every day. I feel great and I always eat the yolk! Good to know about what the chickens are eating. Im going to get them some flax seed!

    • @Wetmuscles says:

      Yes, you can definitely taste the difference in them and if you’re lucky you might get two yolks in one.

    • @BurntFossil says:

      I started eating 4 eggs a day, from backyard hens, and I’ve no need to use my reading glasses anymore – they were’nt strong to begin with, but still.

  • @m.theresa1385 says:

    Thanks Doc! Lots of valuable information here. 👍

  • @georgejeffries3566 says:

    Thank you doctor. Most people mistakenly believe eggs are bad for you because of cholesterol. I believe they are fine. I eat around 10 pasture raised eggs per week.

  • @Lonelyone1111 says:

    Thank you Doc for being honest. Don’t let them buy you off.

  • @AdmiringGreyElephant-fw4hc says:

    Thankyou very much.
    Have an eggcellent day.
    Eggs get me right through my day

  • @EdiGjon-yz3ek says:

    Always entertained by your content, it’s awesome!

  • @maureen756 says:

    Thank you for the helpful information, Dr. Mandell. Eggs are great!👍😊

  • @user-ix1sf9wm8k says:

    God bless Dr. Mandell. You are a gift that keeps on giving.

  • @Wetmuscles says:

    I don’t think most people understand the importance of eggs and the good cholesterol it has in them among its protein content.

  • @geraldfriend256 says:

    Eggs don’t raise cholesterol folks eat the yolks folks

  • @denicedancasey says:

    All of this is absolutely true! Excellent post Dr. M! ❤❤❤

  • @MrBetc says:

    I have 2 eggs every day, using my little egg cooker, and always have a jar of homemade pickled eggs. They are the best snack . Thanks ❤

  • @TylerNally says:

    The egg is simply put nature’s BEST multivitamin.

  • @Julie44Inlouisiana says:

    I love eggs and I never believed the hate toward them

  • @mandydeane5824 says:

    No point in eating the egg without the yolk that is the best part of it. 🙂

  • @archmdc370 says:

    The egg is a magnificent thing! God’s natural multivitamin.
    The question is whether the demonization of eggs with cholesterol was because of ignorance at the time, or was it for profit for certain cleared medications, or was it both and it’s being pushed still? Just like Salt.

  • @louisal7185 says:

    Epic infomation about the most controversial subject – eggs 🤔 Thank you Doctor Alan! You are the best! 👍👏

  • @starstuff5958 says:

    I was born and raised in Europe after ww2. There was no food and we lived on eggs..Eggs have been my go to all my life. My dear husband of 59 years knew this..if eggs weren’t in the fridge, he would say nothing, go out, get a dozen so I would never be without eggs. He’s gone now, I miss my guy but eggs are my go to. Never believed all the taboo on eggs.

  • @ErikaWithAK78 says:

    The yoke is the best part!!!! 😋🤤

  • @kim0007 says:

    Doc, every word you say is refreshing. Before the medical community conned us into eggs being bad, people were so much healthier then. Let’s get back to eating as we should.

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