Everyday Foods that are Healthier than you THINK!

Dr. Gundry reveals common foods that are healthier than you might think. Get ready to rethink your grocery list and make healthier choices effortlessly.
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Dave McKinnon

  • @michaelostrander5616 says:

    I love tomatoes 🍅

  • @thousandoaks.2080 says:

    Peeling skins off and seeding out ,that’s what I do ,I can’t live without them unless they become allergic, which hasn’t happened.

  • @lorrainerae9289 says:

    I can’t get past giving up sugar! Ugg I love chocolate. I need a replacement! Addiction stinks 😢 cakes and pies are everywhere, it’s so tempting. At least I am working toward plant paradox!

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