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    Well done! The effort and passion are evident.

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    Remember to do a slight pelvic tilt before lifting into the glute bridge.

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    Thank you Dr for being part of our lives with guidance and care being soo grateful and all you do, keeping our core strong is a must do🙏❤️

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    Brilliant video , Superman ! You have made the day . Thank you . Easy and simple exercises. Very grateful to you. ❤ you and bless you

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    Can you do a posterior pelvic tilt short????


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    ❤thanks for another great video😍God bless😇☝️😇

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    Great position, love it and thank you sir ❤❤❤

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    What a great video and you show us by doing which is great thanks Dr Mandell

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    I feel like the first few seconds was just a cold roast😂

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