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    Thank you have a beautyfull day

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    I don’t miss a day without eating apple. Thanks doc for the information

  • @elainetyger says:

    Those green apples are good in a salad with thinly sliced red onion and then almost anything else. I like the yellow and red ones for eating by themselves.

  • @steveng1624 says:

    Amen,, I agree Dr.

  • @carolgrace6573 says:

    It depends on where the apples come from ? Or what’s been sprayed on them, do not consume if it has a APPEL sticker on it, no washing gets the chemicals off it.

  • @Tigra59 says:

    Apples always made my blood sugar go up!! As other fruits do… all have natural sugar.. so people be aware

    • @randysalvaje512 says:

      Yea I’m sure it was the Apple that made it go up 🙄

    • @itsatrap4986 says:

      Are you sure it’s not the refined carbs and sodas that spikes up your blood sugar? Also, incorporate intermittent fasting and stop snacking in between meals to lower insulin resistance.

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    Thanks for sharing

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    You are So Smart!
    Thank you! 😊

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    I realy don’t eat apples that often I prefer avacados

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    Apples are 11% sugar (carbohydrate)
    Isn’t that high for type 2 diabetics ?

  • @annettezurn9212 says:

    My keto loving friend always warns me about apples, but I cherish them too much to stop eating them. Thanks for this information!

    • @ladyhotep5189 says:

      They’re horribly sugar packed! He’s wrong on this one.

    • @annettezurn9212 says:

      Thanks for your thought…., I was doing a little online research and it is a big plus on healthy apples versus the fructose issue it seems. Maybe it depends on how much insuline resistent one already is and how much one exercises after eating. I have seen exercise making a huge difference.

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      ​@@ladyhotep5189 how about you stop breathing although.. everything seems to does something..so save yourself!!

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      ​@@annettezurn9212 hey eat apples with cottage.or chadder cheese or along butter.. it doesnt raise insulin levels..

    • @Saeyka says:

      ​@@annettezurn9212 there is channel with title ” insulin resistant 1) .. the guy has diabetes he monitors his glucose after whatever he eats.. he makes shorts on , its educational….it will help you a lot..

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    As has been said for generations……”An apple a day, keeps the Dr away”. The proof is in the pudding……I mean APPLE! 😉

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    Thank you Dr.Mandell 😊 I Love Apples. My Husband Mike took an Apple to work with him, today!
    First time in years ❤

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    I appreciate your quick videos. I thought apples are full of sugar and should be eliminated if you are insulin resistant

    • @ladyhotep5189 says:

      You’re absolutely correct. Idk he’s good with certain things but there are other things where it seems his info is outdated.

    • @Saeyka says:

      Please join a channel.which helped me.educate myself ” insulin resistant 1″ you’ll learn to enjoy apples with few.changes no big deal.. dont listen to these idiots who tell you not to eat this and eat that..

  • @ladyhotep5189 says:

    I’m a diabetic and I have to disagree with you on this. Apples have way too much sugar content unless it’s a crab apple or whatever those tiny apples are called.

  • @barbaraburnette9641 says:

    They help me from doing late night snacking.

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    Thanks Dr.Mandell for all the great videos ❤

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    Thank you!:) 🙏🙏🙏

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