Friday Favorites: Are Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, and Teflon Safe?

What’s the best type of pots and pans to use?

These are the first two videos in a three-part series on cookware. Check out the last one: Are Melamine Dishes and Polyamide Plastic Utensils Safe? ( ).

I’ve previously discussed aluminum in antiperspirants (Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer ( )), in food (How to Avoid Phosphate Additives ( )), in medications (Are Acid-Blocking Drugs Safe? ( )), and in tea (Is There Too Much Aluminum in Tea? ( )).

What about pressure cooking? I covered that in Does Pressure Cooking Preserve Nutrients? ( ).

What is the safest way to prepare meat? Find out by watching my video Carcinogens in Meat ( ).

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • @skaterdude14b says:

    I need to install a reverse osmosis system, but plumbers tape is pure Teflon. I cant find a natural alternative 😢

  • @andrewpawley8883 says:

    I love this channel!

  • @Spock_Rogers says:

    Thanks for looking out for us, Doc! 🕊️💕🌱🌞

  • @janice2992 says:

    I have kept away from Aluminium pans since 70s. Getting away from a non stick frying pan takes more thought. We simply can not eat traditional food any longer we have to move with the times. Dr Gregor is wonderful for giving us the information we need. Thank you dr Gregor much appreciated ❤

  • @m0L3ify says:

    “Dark Waters” changed my family’s life. We immediately went home and replaced all of our Teflon cookware with ceramic. I also replaced my dental floss. I was shocked they make dental floss out of PFAS. That shouldn’t be legal. It’s not possible to totally avoid it since if you want to buy something like an umbrella, it becomes unavoidable, but we were at least able to reduce our exposure.

  • @Redacted-Information says:

    Grew up with Cast Iron
    Still use it

  • @RoJon1987 says:

    Thank you for the information, Dr. Greger! We appreciate all of your selfless acts of dedication to improving human health!!

  • @slimelove3493 says:

    Woah weird! I was justtttt shopping for a nonstick pan yesterday and was wondering about all this 😮 was I being followed? 👀

  • @SarahWilsonMySmartPuppy says:

    Helpful, as always.

  • @bethtsao7325 says:

    OMG! I used Oral B glide every day–not anymore.

  • @PirateOnYoutube says:

    Decent , like always 🚀

  • @Maria____Alive says:

    What about ceramics and other types of stone?

  • @dawnwalsh296 says:

    Oh my gosh oral B glide 😳 I floss with it 3 times a day 😬 no more. As always Thank you Dr Greger for sharing information to help keep us healthy

  • @sobrevida157 says:

    Makes me wonder about the exposure to modern, breathable rain jackets. I think they are PFAS-laden as well??

  • @michaelbalfour3170 says:

    Teflon, this generations asbestos.

  • @WiLL-bz3kj says:

    Mucho thanks! I say dr Gregor promotes his book and go on JRE 🙏

  • @cc6603 says:

    What about ceramic lined cookware?

  • @artieash6671 says:

    And enamel coated pans?

  • @LeonilaM says:

    You are so very much appreciated. Thank you for all you share. You make such a difference in the world. And you are fun to watch as well.

  • @vermontmike9800 says:

    No it’s not safe to floss? Holy moly. Can anyone recommend a good, widely available floss not on that list?

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