Friday Favorites: Are Beyond Meat and the Impossible Burger Healthy?

What happens when you compare the trans fats, saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol levels in plant-based versus animal-based burgers?

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Note: In 2022, Impossible Foods announced it is cutting the saturated fat in its plant-based burgers from 8 grams down to 6 grams.

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • @noellecuisine8912 says:

    Primes !

  • @morrisadams1471 says:

    Why let science get in the way of desire?

  • @MqKosmos says:

    Thank you. That’s what it is.
    You can keep living the way you do, while making healthier and more ethical choices. But that’s also opening up the possibility to live even healthier and cheaper.
    Fact is you can make it a mix. Whenever you crave an animal carcass, you can get fake meat and eat whole foods for all the other meals

  • @michaelkane7021 says:

    So how can you justify being anti white potato???

  • @coffeecupwithtea says:

    Im a little confused by your statement that trans fats have been phased out. Its my understanding that manufacturers do not have to include transfat on the label as long as it comes in under 0.5g. My own hospital uses a product called Whirl, which is a butter flavored soybean oil. The first ingredient is soybean oil, the second ingredient is hydrogenated soybean oil. Does that not contain trans fats? With a serving size of 1tbs, its easy to keep the trans fat less than 0.5g. Not to mention all the other highly processed products out there with hydrogenated oils..

    • @carmadefries3729 says:

      That’s not quite what was stated. 😅

    • @coffeecupwithtea says:

      2:06 “Now that partially hydrogenated oils have been phased out of the food supply, the only major source thats left will be animal products” Im sorry but my mouth kinda gaped when he said this. @@carmadefries3729

    • @allstarscamparker8797 says:

      lol you read it wrong

    • @carmadefries3729 says:

      @@allstarscamparker8797 no I didn’t. In America, it MUST be declared. I believe the law was written in 2015…? Anyway, he very specifically went on to discuss how avoiding ultra processed foods was ideal. He also didn’t claim all trans fats are gone, simply they’re being phased out.

    • @leroyj62 says:

      This is true. I worked in food as an engineer before I moved to pharma and we added ingredients containing trans fats.

  • @ciscotheface says:

    Bro I love salt 😢 without it I wouldn’t exist

  • @jeanneamato8278 says:

    I know it’s not healthy, but it keeps my husband from eating real meat. He’s happy and it keeps him off the transplant list for kidney. He’d be even better w/o dairy, but…

  • @marileigh9913 says:

    The meatless meat I was using had canola oil I swelled up plus face broke out.i will definitely read my labels

  • @VyalaBloom says:

    I listened to a podcast with the maker of the impossible burger. Her big argument is that she wanted to make a plant based burger as close to the real thing as she could make it while still making it healthier than meat- but also- make it a burger. She quoted “it’s a burger. Not a salad. if you want a salad, eat a salad.” usually when you want a burger you typically aren’t as concerned on your health for that particular meal.

  • @VeganLinked says:

    That was so perfectly done! Now who can argue with this 🙂

    • @carmadefries3729 says:

      Surprisingly, quite a few people based on comments. You can give the people the answers and they’ll just double down. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I agree, it’s perfectly done. 💚

  • @animalsarebeautifulpeople3094 says:

    I eat mostly whole food plant based and eat junk food like impossible burger only like 5% of the time just for fun. 😊

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