Friday Favorites: Is Sorghum a Healthy Grain?

How does sorghum compare with other grains in terms of protein, antioxidants, and micronutrients? What are the benefits of red sorghum compared to black and white varieties?

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • @NutritionFactsOrg says:

    Join me for my live webinar on March 15 at 2pm ET to find out what randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials have to say about the pros and cons of getting vaccines:

    • @NotMeTodayMaybe says:

      I have just started my whole plant foods journey, and I love these videos! For the last few years I have felt terrible. Weight kept creeping up no matter what diet and exercise I followed. I am now 60+ pounds overweight. Brain fog, depression and anxiety is terrible. Add in going through menopause and meat and fish were making me feel nauseaus for some reason, and I was ready to give up…literally. I am happy to say that even a few weeks eating like this and I already feel so much better! I’ve even lost a few pounds! I love the food and don’t feel denied in any way. The only minor issue I have found was going too fast with high fiber, so now I’m building up to it (my dog who sleeps under the covers was NOT happy with me! 😆) Overall, I feel excited about my future for the first time in a long time.Thank you for all the knowledge you bring to the public!

    • @myrhev says:

      Amazon has both red and black sorghum. I can’t verify the quality as I haven’t ordered them yet. The black is even fairly cheap per pound if you are willing to buy a huge quantity with 50lbs costing a little less than $3 per pound. Red is crazy high though at almost $7 per pound. This is in march of 2024.

  • @matthewdelbelbelluz6266 says:

    Can’t handle these human study cliffhangers lol

  • @allencrider says:

    Use sorghum in your smoothies instead of bananas.

    • @audither says:

      Interesting but what would be the point beside being less calories and less sweet please explain

    • @Yzyxdolorza says:

      @@auditheranyone sensitive or allergic to latex can’t eat bananas… which is more common than celiac.

  • @user-zg1zn5tf7o says:

    I have celiac and sorghum causes even worse reaction than gluten.

  • @audither says:

    I see red sorghum on Amazon, but was just wondering whether sorghum would be less expensive if you buy it from a feed store

    • @monicasong427 says:

      If it matters, Amazon profits from foie gras.

    • @myrhev says:

      Check out the black. They have it even cheaper than the red if you are willing to buy 50 lbs. However, only one person has rated the supplier so no way to know if it is quality.

    • @justinmccord2714 says:

      Where did you find it?

    • @-johnny-deep- says:

      I can only find one organic red sorghum product on Amazon and it has poor ratings. The other is non-organic and you have to buy a 50 lb bag!

  • @mchagawa1615 says:

    Sorghum is so delicious 🙂 thank you for sharing <3 (so sad with the studies on the mice, though :/)

  • @NanaPiper says:

    Wendy on Show Me Mo Vegan YouTube Channel is where I first heard about this grain.

    Thanks for all this good info👍

  • @opad422 says:

    Just finished bowlfull of shorghum poridge

  • @JMo268 says:

    I would really like to find a new sugar substitute after discovering brown sugar is 90% white sugar with a little molasses. So which is least bad for you, sorghum syrup, honey, black strap mollasses, date syrup?

    • @mdowns36 says:

      I don’t know for sure but I’d say date syrup because I think it’s made from the whole date with nothing added.
      Dr Greger’s recipes in his How Not To Die Cookbook use date syrup, including a recipe on making it.

    • @Viertelfranzose says:

      D galakatose is the Powder you need(but not the cheap industry powder from China)

    • @bobhill4364 says:

      Use date paste or date sugar.

    • @Viertelfranzose says:

      @@bobhill4364 it’s sugar….the same stuff just with some little little parts of micronutrients….for sure not the holy grale of sugar 😄….this price is for sure more to the following stuff:D Galactose….Tagatose….Glycin….inositol….d Ribose

    • @bobhill4364 says:

      @@Viertelfranzose You think artificial sweeteners are healthy?

  • @techgayi says:

    Sorghum is very commonly used in India as a grain for making bread/rotis and is called Jowar in many parts of the country. Here is recipe for sorghum flat bread

  • @aroundandround says:

    100% sure adding adding sorghum to my diet will make no difference. No food advertised on this channel has ever made any measurable difference to anything for me.

  • @Simpletaichiandqigong says:

    Just had a bowl this morning!

  • @emil5884 says:

    You always make my day, Dr.G. ✌

  • @finelinerin says:

    Seeeehr spannend! Danke!

  • @joedirt1965 says:

    I bought some to pop. It popped poorly. I then tried to boil some but did not like it. Then I dumped it in the yard for the birds.

  • @christopheperson7810 says:

    Please don’t leave a cliffhanger in a rerun

  • @AetherIdol says:

    Good news for my pigeon! Red sorghum is her favourite! Might have to steal some of hers. 😀

  • @andrewpawley8883 says:

    I love this channel!

  • @myusrn says:

    Its sad for all the species that we pointlessly make suffer to arrive at conclusions about foods and treatments for disease when we know little of it transfers to what arises in the case of humans.

  • @phillippinter7518 says:

    Some colored flint corn has 100’S of times the anthocyanine as regular yellow dent corn

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