Friday Favorites: The Effects of Marijuana on Car Accidents

Did traffic fatalities go up or down after cannabis legalization?

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • @georgehornsby2075 says:

    Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

  • @sevendeadlychins says:

    Is this now an anti cannabis movement? Before you get stuck in purity spiraling, do a meta analysis of the health risks of moderate cannabis consumption compared to psych meds.

    • @Mr.N0.0ne says:

      I get that you like cannabis, but if someone is to drive under its influence they are selfish and shouldn’t be allowed on the roads. Smoke all the cannabis you want, but do it at home away from the people who don’t want to inhale your fumes. And stay off the roads. Cannabis should be legal, but not when smoking it in public and not when operating a vehicle.

    • @wfpbwfpb says:

      Don’t be a fool! Who gives a crap how it stacks up against other poison. It should be compared to nothing. Meaning, smoking and not smoking. Period. That’s the ONLY data that matters! Wake up and quit smoking pot!

    • @sevendeadlychins says:

      ⁠@@Mr.N0.0neI’m not here to suggest that there are no ill effects from cannabis. It can have substantial and unpredictable effects on users. Particularly in large concentrations.

      My issue is with putting it in the same category of harm as alcohol. The studies all feature “acute cannabis consumption”. That’s vastly different from moderate usage. I’ve driven on both cannabis and alcohol. As anyone else who has can tell you, alcohol is far more impairing.

    • @ChrisLT says:

      ​@@sevendeadlychins Please don’t drive impaired in any capacity.

    • @KrazyKrzysztof says:

      weed is way overrated

  • @pfrydog says:

    Combining alcohol and cannabis is definitely not a good idea.

  • @SiClopsThe1EyedMan says:

    About 10 yrs ago a tv program in the UK did a test to see how bad cannabis impairs your ability to drive, the participants had to drive around a track without knocking over strategically placed traffic cones and other objects. First they went around the course before a joint then they went around after 1 joint and then after 2 joints ect. When they went around the course after 1 joint they actually scored better than what they did before the joint. After that there score started to lower slightly after each subsequent joint.

    • @lint8391 says:

      Redo the test with the first time round the course after 1 joint and the second time after 0 joints.
      But yeah, as per the research in this video, alcohol impairment is more severe than cannabis.

    • @Pyriphlegeton says:

      Bad study design. You learn from the first drive, so your second try is expected to be better.

    • @SiClopsThe1EyedMan says:

      “Put it to the test” ​@@Pyriphlegeton

    • @JRP3 says:

      There was a US program that did something similar, one girl got progressively better through the course as she smoked more, it was hysterical.

    • @sr-kt9ml says:

      Affects differ substantially based on tolerance. The same is probably true for alcohol. If you’re such an alcoholic that you get shakes in the morning you may very well be a better driver after your morning drink

  • @gammaraygem says:

    My car accident was not as bad an experience as it would have been without the weed.😛

  • @SquokTV says:

    Das Timing ist ja wohl kein Zufall 😂

  • @andrewpawley8883 says:

    I love this channel!

  • @flyandshy00 says:

    Alcohol does not cause delusios, paranoia, schizophrenia, rage etc. Marijuana does.

  • @Co-km6cl says:

    gutes timing!

  • @janerkenbrack3373 says:

    I don’t want to see people driving under the influence of anything except good judgement. But more than anything I don’t like the inattentive driving that comes from cell phone use.
    Not trying to be morbid, but at least those under the influence of marijuana and even alcohol are trying to drive. People texting and looking at their phones have basically abandoned looking at the road and traffic and hoping nothing changes while they are disengaged from the task.

  • @StephyPlantbased says:


  • @StephyPlantbased says:

    Cannabis is now „legal“ in germany after the 1. April 😅 no aprils fool 😂

  • @erastvandoren says:

    I never used any drugs (apart from some champagne, and now not even that), but the government should not decide what I do to my body. Of course, the drug users should pay a lot for damage done to others resulting from their drug use.

  • @RealJonzuk says:

    driving high is a terrible idea please wait atleast 2 hours before you even think about driving if youre a daily smoker like me if you dont use it much you have to wait like 6 hours i have my medical card for PTSD and other things i have a ton of experience with this

  • @samsam060402 says:

    The timing couldn’t be more perfect! Today marked the final moment when German politicians could have halted the legalization of cannabis. From the first of April, you can legally smoke pot in Germany.

  • @paulcohen6727 says:

    As a health-conscious individual, I choose to not use either alcohol or marijuana, either when driving or at any other time. BTW after going plant-based, I found that my mental stability and happiness had increased to the point that I don’t need or desire these prop-ups.

  • @fredhoy6697 says:

    As a former user of both, gimme a pothead any day.

  • @senorbinario2855 says:

    Amazing findings.

  • @PaulSpivey-qk6wz says:

    when i crashed drunk driving they said the only way i survived was being so drunk kept me limber. in a way alchohool saved my life

  • @timothyhernandez4058 says:

    Cannabis will never compare to the harm cell phones and alcohol do on the road

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