Dave McKinnon

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    A reliable source of information; the research is thorough and presented with clarity.💕

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    I love your videos!!!! Thank you very much for this🌸🌸

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    Thanks Dr Mandell for the REMINDER…
    Oh My! So True…
    More GERMS… 😮

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    Excuse me sir, (holding my index finger up)
    For 34 years, I worked , between my professional art projects, in restaurants / diners/ caterers all over the NY & NJ area. After EVERY SHIFT, in EVERY RESTAURANT I ever worked in, the management AND FOOD SERVERS, KNEW, the grimiest, germiest thing in the place, that passed hand to hand, was those menues. So, those menues were CONSTANTLY wiped down with soapy cloths.
    Just go wash your hands before your food is served. You should be ok.

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    Distinguishing one from the other is the art. Your videos are simply the best, you need to know that💪🏿💪🏿

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    ❤thanks for sharing tip❤😇

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    I love your videos and want you to keep doing them💪

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    Doc we humans usually cherish food cooked at home. So its healthy and safe. Germs usually are absent in our food.

  • @kailiepeters says:

    I used to work at a restaurant as a hostess, part of our job was collecting the menus and spraying them and wiping them with a cleanser/sanitizer. We took that very seriously, especially after COVID

  • @mayram-haspil4897 says:

    You’re SO right!! I’m always thinking about that to the point that I don’t like eating out too much anymore!! And when I do, I wash my hands after ordering. A good thing to carry is individually wrapped alcohol pads.

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    Quick someone send them the correct cooking instructions and ingredients 😅

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    Most restaurants clean menus daily with bleach to sanitize them. This is regarding menus in plastic sleeves.

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