Dave McKinnon

  • Tina J says:

    thanks doc!

  • ARAKARA BLUE says:

    If all doctors were like this dude, the world would be a much better place. Rock on Doc.

  • Joe Serrano says:

    You’re ALWAYS on it Dr. Mandell, liked and fraternal hug for ya buddy! 😀

  • d felder says:

    Been doing this since I was a teen! I love it!!!

  • Shekar says:

    Use coconut oil.. on face and do it no burning on face

  • Shed BLOOD of Jesus Christ says:

    Get a Steamer Pot, put some good Organic Veggies in it with a cup or two of Distilled water, then pressure cook the veggies and breath in the Vented Steam that smells so good and I am sure is good for you! Don’t worry the steam coming out is not hot if you keep your head about six inches or more up from the steam.
    I cook all my veggies with a pressure cooker these days, as all the veggies come out so tender and evenly cooked. Yummy! Go a step further and drink the water that is left, as it has the juices from the veggies in it or use it in a homemade soup.

  • Patti F says:

    Thanks Doc and God bless! ❤

  • daria linderssen says:

    Wow, pretty simple. Thank you for letting all of us know this one. ❤😊

  • Chona Pierce says:

    That’s what we do in the Philippines specially when you catch a flu. Wow!

  • OLani says:

    I like this doctor!

  • Linda F says:

    I grew up with this as a sinus home remedy, it helps a ton

  • Trla Baba Lan says:

    Love this guy 🌼🐝☀️

  • Pixie Styx says:

    I had never thought of this…I have lots of lavender in my yard. Thank you so much …Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and all your subscribers

  • Finger Print says:

    I’ve been doing this for decades, best is Lavender but only a few drops. Really its best used for sinuses and beat to drape a large towel around you and vessel so no air escapes, dont stay under too long as burst capillaries can happen. Afterwards youll feel refreshed, drape towel around neck as the body sweats.

  • Mei Lin Liu says:

    Alright Dr Mandell, thank you… God 🙏 bless

  • Linda Maltese says:

    Sounds good, Doc. Thanks, Doc! Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🦃🙏✝️❤️

  • Kathryn Billinghurst says:

    My mum showed me this to cleanse my acne away. At 54, you’ve just reminded me…and I can share with my young adult children (my babies)
    🤗Thank you for everything Doc!

  • Deshann Sears says:

    Good morning blessings

  • Anneli Humbel says:

    Good morning 🌅

  • Talfen Lawson says:

    Great 😃👍

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