Get To Know Your Hormones #shorts

It’s super important for women to know what their numbers are in order to have more agency over their menstrual cycles, fertility, energy levels, and much more.

To begin addressing the root causes of hormone-related issues, I first recommend getting the right tests.

That’s why I co-founded @functionhealth — to make this process easier and to provide better access to diagnostics. In addition to getting 100+ different lab tests done, including specific hormone health-related tests, you’ll receive insights on how to move forward.

In this episode, I address some common hormonal imbalances I find in my patients, what tests you should be getting, and some quick and easy ways to balance your hormones.

You can find the full episode here:

Dave McKinnon

  • Crystal Meehan says:

    Excellent info & advice! I’m so glad to have found your channel! I wish I’d have known this stuff 20yrs ago…but, at least I’m in time to reverse my prediabetes and take control of my health and my future! 🎉

  • Herjeen S says:

    Spread the word! 👏

  • Lee Backus says:

    Dr Hyman offers so much critical information so we all can improve our own health through diet if we will listen and follow his instruction

  • Stephen Cutler says:

    And yet…i can recall just a few years ago that the whole hormone stuff was a dismissive patronizing lie that men used to put down women.

  • Elden Hamilton says:

    any new videos out soon

  • Lily Grinnell says:

    So what do we do about it?

  • nony matsaba says:

    Full video on the subject please

  • c23 23 says:

    What do you think about Redox from ASEA please?

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