Dave McKinnon

  • Muddy Shoes Gardener says:

    Coconut milk? My favorite!

  • Yoo Toob 💅🏾 says:

    Uh, Uncle Mandell, what if I’m adding almond bark, vanilla, whipped cream and a pinch of salt to that milk, does that count? 😂😂 I have been craving white hot chocolate 😂

  • It's Time says:

    I drink Hot Cow’s Milk to sleep since a kid in the 70’s….yummmm & Zzzzz’s! ❤

  • Bully Maguire says:

    I drink raw milk everyday. Has done wonders for my health.

  • PJ Previte says:

    I hear Kiefer is best!

  • A C says:

    Milk gives me too much gas. Even my wife complaints about it.😂

  • Jesus Loves You says:

    You look great!! You are so smart!

  • Eileen Sopko says:

    Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Nicholas Cox says:

    I like whole milk before bed

  • Manuel Salas says:

    Yes raw milk is amazing for a good nights rest 😴

  • Bobbi Lynn says:

    I love real milk warmed up before I go to sleep. It’s a comfort thing for me ❤️

  • Gail Burden says:

    My mom has had me doing this @ a young age..
    It still works Today..😊

  • linda fisher says:

    Will definitely try this thankyou so much ❤

  • Dopamine says:

    I’d rather not wake up needing to pee at 3a.m, thanks anyway 😂

  • Margaret says:

    Thank you 🙏

  • Diana Panetta says:

    Oatmilk is great too. ❤

  • Voula Kambouraki says:

    I always drink a glass of milk, is the best medicine for going to sleep, thank you 💕 Dr mandell

  • Matt says:

    Just remember to brush your teeth after or you’ll have cavities and extra sour breath in the morning 😁

  • Jitta Bintu Collier says:

    Thank you Doctor Mandell

  • Janet Burgoyne says:

    I drink warm skimmed milk with a level teaspoon cinnamon,it makes me sleep.Thakyou Dr Mandell,love everything you advise

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