Great Things Happen When You Eat OATMEAL | Dr. Mandell

The most significant benefit of oatmeal — again, thanks to beta-glucan — is probably its role in lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, which is linked to a decreased risk for heart disease. In fact, scientific support for the cholesterol-lowering effects of beta-glucans is so widespread, the FDA allows food manufacturers to make health claims on the packaging of foods like oatmeal. A container of Quaker Oats, for example, includes this statement: As part of a heart-healthy diet, the soluble fiber in oatmeal can help reduce cholesterol.

Technically, pure oats are completely gluten-free; they don't contain gluten proteins at all. The key word here, though, is pure. Many oats are often grown (and transported) with some wheat: While oats are inherently gluten-free, conventional oats may be grown in conditions that introduce some gluten. Getting the right source is important if you’re gluten sensitive.

Great for diabetics…The beta-glucans in oatmeal make sure sugar’s not absorbed too quickly by the body. This reduces blood sugar spikes and keeps your blood sugar levels stable.

The soluble and insoluble fiber in oatmeal adds bulk to your stool and traps water to make your stool softer. Because soft and bulky stools tend to move more easily through your digestive tract, eating oatmeal can help keep you regular so you don't become constipated.

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Dave McKinnon

  • Paige Dyson says:

    I love your videos!!!! Thank you so much for this😁😁

  • RedDog says:

    Happy Monday everyone. I hope that you all are doing well this morning. Dr Mandell its always my pleasure to watch your videos. You are a amazing person. May God bless all.

  • Onye oma Chinyeremaka says:

    *Dear whoever reading this,I pray GOD comes through for you in ways that exceed all your expectations!!!*

  • Onye oma Chinyeremaka says:

    *A Happy Monday to my Dr Mandell Family I wish each and everyone of you a fruitful week in Jesus’ Name.Amen*

  • Taylor Alexis says:

    Unfortunately oatmeal does horrible things to my gut and digestive system.. 😔

  • aline headlamp says:

    I tend to eat oatmeal in the winter months only, but I couldn’t tell you why. I load mine with ceylon cinnamon, honey, raisins, and nutritional yeast. Good stuff

  • Madison, single again says:

    Your effort shines through in every video. Keep creating amazing content

  • Patricia Masterson says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandela for clarity on oatmeal. So many people say oatmeal is for horses. I eat organic old fashion oats each morning and with blueberries and blackberries or cooked apple. Age 82 and oats seem like a safe food for me.💖

  • nancy herrmann says:

    I experimented and put myself on a 3 months every morning homemade oatmeal adding some walnuts and chia seeds. I was only 127 lb And I am totally plant-based but my cholesterol due to heredity was getting high. After 3 months I had a recheck and I went from 210 total cholesterol down to 163. LDL and HDL were perfect My triglycerides 105. Yes it is a great way of losing weight. I also made other changes to my diet as no sugars, oil and no bread. It wasn’t a total SOS diet as I still minimally salt soups. It also helps that I plant-based.

  • Ray Pascali says:

    Thanks Dr. Mandell i am currently eating eat bran for breakfast. Is that similarly good? Years ago I used oatmeal to treat my poison ivy. It worked very well in giving me relief from the itch.


    Thanks for always Doc.
    Please what’s your advice on the use of BIO DISC?
    I’ll so much appreciate your honest advice on it.
    Thank you sir

  • Shaneike Beckford says:

    Hi doc, I love oatmeal a lot but what I notice is that whenever I eat it, I get heartburn. Can you advise on why that is so? Thank you. Love from 🇯🇲

  • FATIMA says:

    From my childhood it was my staple diet. Thank you my angel bro.

  • Patches says:

    Oatmeal really does lower LDL. My cholesterol was high and the doctor wanted to start me on meds. I told the doctor I will do it with diet and had 12 cup dry 1 cup prepared oats daily until my next testing and my cholesterol one year later was within healthy range.

  • Cathy Lourenco says:

    I love your helpful videos but have a question on oatmeal. Is is as effective cooked into things like bread or granola bars or is it best eaten just as cooked cereal?

  • Lou Marlin says:

    I listen to ur videos and I have totally quit sweets and the 1 soda a day and in 2 months have dropped 7.6 lbs and I love oatmeal. Thank u Dr Mandell

  • ebaylistentomusic says:

    Switched from muffins, croissants etc to mostly oatmeal about six months ago. Along with walking daily this has made a huge positive change in my life well beyond weight loss. I fill it with nuts, berries, banana, maple syrup and usually skip lunch. At 67 I feel the best in many years.

    • Memcat1 says:

      May I suggest using honey instead of syrup? You will increase the goodness. Adding a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, to increase circulation.

  • Himal Perera says:

    Thank you so much for your detailed explanation dear doc Mandel! May God bless you!❤

  • Aramide Taiwo says:

    Amazing thank you always Dr Mandell, Almighty Allah Bless you

  • Stacey C says:

    Oatmeal is so awsome I love eating it with blueberries . Thanks Dr Mandell have a great week! 💕

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