Hidden Dangers of Nightshade Vegetables

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Discover the hidden dangers of nightshade vegetables and how they can impact your health. 🍆🌶️ Uncover the truth behind the term "nightshades" and learn why these seemingly harmless vegetables can cause serious health concerns. 😱 In this video, we'll explore how nightshade vegetables may contribute to digestive issues, dry mouth, confusion, vomiting, and visual disturbances. 🚨 Don't miss out on this crucial information – watch now and protect your health! 💪🏼 Remember to like, comment, and subscribe to Gundry MD for more health tips and insights! 🔔

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Dave McKinnon

  • Brad Wengranowski says:

    Thanks Dr. Gungry. Always great to hear your wisdom on the foods most people have grown up on and were taught how healthy they are. Keep em coming. Cant wait for the energy paradox.

  • Bb B says:

    Great video, I have terrible reactions to nightshades from a mood (High anxiety/ racing thoughts) and heartburn perspective. Can you provide a little more detail on why paprika is on the ok list before I trial?

    • Gundry MD says:

      Hi there! That’s a great question. Dr. Gundry would be happy to answer your question during his next Facebook Live Q&A. Be sure to follow our page for upcoming announcements and have your questions ready!

  • Carol Ritchie says:

    I was the first in my family to reject tomato in all forms as a child. It wasn’t until I was told by an allergist, in my mid 30s, that I reacted negatively with the prick test.

  • Steven Morales says:

    I am shocked at how everyone has always made potatoes, tomatoes, and hot peppers all out as being extremely healthy. And in reality they may not be for a lot of people. I absolutely believe I am one of those persons sensitive to nightshades. My most overt symptom is extreme anxiety hours after a nice potato dinner. But I’ve never drawn the connection until recently.

  • Maha Abdullah says:

    True, I’m allergic to Eggplant & Potatoes already .. But I notice that whenever I had lots of Cherry Tomatoes my skin goes like CRAZY I got Redness, Eczema, Itchy skin, even my lips & tongue got swollen! But I’m fine with Bell Peppers.
    Thanks for sharing your information 🙂

  • max says:

    The key is to have as diverse diet as posssible. Our civilazation cultivated nightshades for centuries neglecting some other local, safer vegetables. Nightshades are so common that giving them up is a challenge

  • Eloise Augapfel says:

    I have such bad allergies to touch any raw nightshade, I can only eat potatoes in pressure cooked as well tomatoes. The peppers are so bad to me, even if I smell I feel sick. As a child I developed totally panic of tomatoes and peppers. I never touched them in my first years of life. A natural fear. As adult I got tested and bam, totally allergic

  • Onion Ring says:

    I’ll be sure to remove all the seeds from my potatoes before I eat them.

    I considered trialing not eating any nightshades for a few months to see if it magically cures my Crohn’s disease but I just now discovered several people cured themselves through correcting their gut microbiome while still eating nightshades, so I’ll go with the diet method that has proven to actually work for my condition rather than eliminating a food group that has been fine for thousands of years.

    • greenleaf says:

      well potatoes and tomatoes have not been available to the whole world for thousands of years. They were regional foods only grown only on one geographic point….and only transported to the rest of the world a few hundred years ago.

  • ME1 says:

    Ive been craving tomatoes recently and have been eating them at least 4/5 times a week for about a month now, I have just noticed that my eye floater have completely disappeared. The eye floaters were quite bad but I just ignored them. I think I’ll keep eating them.

  • Deborah Butler says:

    I am allergic to nightshades. I had paprika in a meal yesterday and ended up with a split bleeding tongue and more from it. Nightshade affects me really badly with many side effects. I have autoimmune disease but it only happens now after eating nightshade. If in doubt, give it up.

  • Barry Young says:

    I have been suffering from partial brain seizures for the past 25 years of my life. I typically have 1 seizure per month and sometimes as many as 2 times per month. My seizures have gotten more intense. After I had a day of enjoying home grown tomatoes with all 3 meals, I had a massive seizure that night. I have been 4 months without a seizure. I can’t help but feel I have cured myself. Only time will tell. Maybe nightshades are truly toxic and some people simply have more of a response to the toxins.

  • Rod L. says:

    Thank you. I have found reactions like this do vary with people, the major ones any way. I do react to solanines and each a bit different. I find my problem with potatoes is the skin. Perhaps many are like that, as skin is where a lot of the stay-away stuff is found and lots of forms of potato products are without skin. I avoid tomatoes. I found this out by being aware of my body’s reactions. Most beans disagree with me but for some reason I can eat baked beans in dishes (without the tomato sauce). and peas ok. Total avoidance is likely best, but there are degrees of reactions both for different people and different parts of forms of the plants it seems.

  • Osama Mohammed says:

    Actually what Dr. Saying is absolutely right that I have romatide and when I eaten lectins food then directly effected my joints and I will be OK when I stop these type of foods

  • Edward George says:

    I have in my backyard capsicums, and I have had exactly the issues the doctor is speaking of.😮

  • Jack Mihov says:

    Thank you Dr gundry. I have searched and searched the YouTube channels and found you. Thank God. It’s like no one knows how to explain why these plants are bad for us. Again thank you.

  • Kelli Cat says:

    I have extreme reactions to nightshade veggies. They blister my skin inside and out. Took me a long time to figure it out. Yes I stay away buy sometimes they are in something from restaurants. Tomatoes and peppers are the worse!!

  • Jose Molina says:

    My tomatos aren’t that pest resistant, after seeing some of them being eaten by birds and bugs. Peppers are also attractive to birds. These nightshade plants are perfect for causing smokers to quit the smoking habit, particularly eggplants. I’m surprised that Black Nightshade which is a common forager’s fruit item isn’t mentioned in this video. I guess it’s just not commonly eaten.

  • Joshua says:

    After gardening for a couple of years now I’ve realized in the past, these foods weren’t eaten year-round like they are today. Before modern agriculture, these foods would have only been available for a short time each year, so the chances of being poisoned were slim. There wouldn’t have been enough for you to hurt yourself. Today most people eat nightshades at every meal, every day, 365 days per year. That would have been impossible in the past.

  • Lucas Cameron says:

    Dr. Gundry Dude. Your Youtube Videos about Nightshades have saved me.
    Actually cured me.
    I’ve had digestion issues, pain, IBS, bloating and constipation for 20 years.
    I’ve been to countless Dr.s and have been on all kinds of pills.
    I stopped eating Nightshades. ALL OF THEM.

    And it all went away. All of it.

    You deserve a Nobel Prize.

  • Bree Olson says:

    This adds up actually. Japanese cuisine almost never has tomato of any kind and they have the highest life expectancy

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