Dave McKinnon

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    Thank you ❤Doc

  • @lovepugs05 says:

    Thank you, I asked my doctor to check my Cortisol levels. She laughed at me! Said oh you do not have high cortisol levels. If you did you would be sick. All she wants to do is check for Cholesterol levels that is it. I am getting a little anorid with her.

    • @carolburnette2019 says:

      Same with me 😢

    • @SmilingBloomingFlower-sk9nm says:

      it’s time to get a New

    • @lovepugs05 says:

      @@SmilingBloomingFlower-sk9nm I just does not understand, she always awa a good doctor. Until covid and I told her no to testing and no to the vax! And when I said no to a statin. Nope I love my brain . I guess, I am not making her enough money.

    • @nyhuyajohnson8550 says:

      Tell them you want it done. It’s your body not theirs.

    • @BumblebeeTeeUK says:

      @@lovepugs05I got pressured to go on statins on 6 occasions , as my triglycerides were high. I did my research and explained that all the extreme stress was cause not cholesterol.
      a junior dr got extremely upset and agitated when I told her I no longer needed a PPI prescription as I was coming off it and using a more natural approach to acid reflux, as was preventing absorption on a mineral I was deficient in.
      Guess she was earning off that drug or company.
      Everyone do you research

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    Watching this increased my Cortisol 😂
    Good summary though!

  • @ce88 says:

    We always talk about cortisol being too high, but cortisol being too low is just as bad too.

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    Super great advice Dr M Thank You with many of God’s Blessings for a Beautiful Day for you🙏💯🎉❤️

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    My cortisol was so high I was having menstrual spotting and pains multiple times a month… 🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾 *STRESS WAS STRESSING*

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    Crown royal helps. I swear when i go through a period of having a night cap a couple times per week, my stress and weight go down.

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    Thank you for this information ❤

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    thank you Doc 😊

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    Again thanks added to the last one of eat drink water move..

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    Very informative Doc high stress increases cortisol level and increases sodium level and fat deposit on organs which is dangerous. Doing exercises is a remedy to live happily. Thanks Doc 🙏

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    Thank you doctor Mandell I really appreciate you and love you soooo much, please don’t ever stop sharing we need you… GOD BLESS YOU AND ALWAYS KEEP YOU SAFE 🙏🏽 ❤️

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    Thank you ❤

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    Thanks doc❤❤❤❤❤

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    Great AM Doc, So, so true! I felt my body returning to its old state (stressfilled)❣️ I didnt like it so Ive decided to return to my old routine. I got moving❣️Thank YOU Doc, we appreciate YOU abundantly🙇🏾‍♀️😘♥️😂💫

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    ❤TY much Dr..

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    Thanx. Have A Nice Day ❤

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    God is in charge of my body I do not have to worry

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