Honey Water Test: Know If Your Honey Is Naturally Raw or Processed (Unhealthy) | Dr. Mandell

Honey has many healing medicinal properties for the body. There are many different kinds of honey, although many consumers are mistakenly buying processed honey and are not getting the health benefits. I will show you a great trick you can do at home and know in seconds, if it's healthy honey or processed non-healthy honey.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @Alvara_Bechler says:

    your videos are really interesting, please make it longer😃

  • @Gertrude_Stack says:

    your work is really great, this kinda made my day💝

  • @charlenecharchar says:

    Have a wonderful day everyone❣️💟❣️💟❣️

  • @paynebriscoe says:

    Engaging in this discourse is a privilege that I deeply appreciate.😚

  • @elizabethannfarrow1971 says:

    Its just like the Olive Oil test n water.❤😊

  • @denicedancasey says:

    We buy our variety of flower honey (miel) from local sellers/ bee keepers (vendeurs) here in southern France near Spain… so I know it’s pure and real. There is a huge difference in true quality honey and the other stuff! ❤❤

  • @michaelpaul5682 says:

    Get all my honey from folks that raise bees.

  • @reddog6415 says:

    Good morning Dr Mandell I thank you for your kindness and knowledge. We are blessed to be here today and I thank God for everyday he gives us. I hope that everyone has a blessed day. God bless all.

  • @christineroberts9780 says:

    In NZ I bought Manuka delicious honey.. best ever

  • @Wetmuscles says:

    It’s amazing how raw honey can do so much for our bodies. Another one of those natural foods used many years ago when they didn’t have doctors. Definitely need to buy me some.

  • @stephanieb7311 says:

    I buy all my honey alot of it from the farmers market from a local bee keeper. That’s the way to go if it’s available to you.

  • @DjaniRomero says:

    thanks for sharing, you inspired me to try something new

  • @laurawalls8080 says:

    So true doc. We happen to raise bees and the difference is remarkable. Honey is a gift from God. Thank you for what you do for us. God bless

  • @glenmaragon5201 says:

    1 level teaspoon of raw wild honey is the LIFETIME product of 12 bees. Use it wisely and don’t waste all that effort.

    • @wylinout2257 says:

      Bruh I work 8-5 every day and all my efforts are wasted guaranteed.
      Humans are the only creatures that pay to live on this planet

  • @jadebell8790 says:

    If you put a little honey in a bowl with a little water and give a gentle swirl/shake motion.. no spoon.. the honey will look like a honey comb pattern in bottom of bowl..

  • @diannecouey5176 says:

    Thanks doctor. You always have great info.
    You can also put honey in a bowl , with a little water, and swish it around in a circle ,a minute or so, and if its true honey, the pattern of a honey comb will show up in the honey. 😊😊

  • @beautypablotamarini7315 says:

    I buy what I can. I try my best.

  • @Debi-dt5pt says:

    Swear I get something from every video you put out if not for me for someone I know in love thank you so much for the time you put in to this

  • @MatsKarlsson-kl7ws says:

    I like to mix banana, avocado, 2 ml almond milk, 1 tablespoon of raw cacao and 1 teaspoon of
    raw manuka honey. Thanks Dr. Mandell for all the information about the health benefits of raw
    honey. 🐝🍯

  • @frankbauman2362 says:

    I use wild raw honey locally made in a glass container. I try to stay away from plastic containers, when it comes to spices and olive oil, and organic if possible! All because of You,Doc !

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