How Our Videos Are Created

I often get asked about how I create videos. In this one, I take you behind the scenes. Check it out.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @NutritionFactsOrg says:

    If you believe in our mission to share the latest evidence-based health and nutrition information for free to the public, please support our 501c3 non-profit organization today:

  • @KrwiomoczBogurodzicy says:

    We didn’t know how… until now…

  • @tcfonts says:

    Volunteering has been a lot of fun, and I connected with a lot of great people.

  • @laurar9748 says:

    Know for a FACT…that you are appreciated, and your work is valuable. I for one, am truly grateful.🥰

  • @OldEarthWisdom says:

    The info is so valuable I am willing to put up with his over-the-top exaggerated style of delivery. I just can’t share the videos.

    • @hexicdragon3094 says:

      No reason not to share his videos if you value them. Millions of people appreciate the content and his quirky humor, so why assume your friends or family wouldn’t like it? They can decide that for themselves.

    • @economicdevelopmentplannin8715 says:

      Some people don’t like their friends and family members 😢😅😢😅😢

  • @bohditony says:


  • @aroundandround says:

    He forgot to mention that during his literature survey, a paper only qualifies if its findings fit the vegan narrative.

  • @HanzSygnal says:

    He always says “I” read all the journals and I roll my eyes, really doesn’t give praise to his team

  • @economicdevelopmentplannin8715 says:

    Loving the videos. They’ve saved my life. ❤
    I needed offline info for my mom though.
    In Charlotte, the library system has your books, numerous copies. But when i needed them, there were *15* holds before me. X 3 weeks, and that’s 45 weeks before I would have been able to read your books. So… I bought a copy of ALL your books for my mom’s church library (FMBC). I hope people will use them.❤

  • @LeChat084 says:

  • @lorah3005 says:

    👍 Whole food plant based for the environment and health; vegan for the victims!

  • @drrsunshine says:

    I wouldn’t mind meeting some of the rest of the team if they’re into it in another behind the scenes

  • @valeriee3039 says:

    We need more Dr Gregor cooking videos!!! Thanks team and volunteers and Dr Gregor!!

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