Dave McKinnon

  • @Raccoon_Mama. says:

    Now if only my husband would listen! He loved your “clearing nasal passages” videos, but he won’t do ANYTHING about 600+ glucose for months.

  • @Hotrod66149 says:

    Even though I had to fight to view this, because I knew what you were going to say, lub ya brother!

  • @sherrycarter6222 says:

    Im struggling with carb cravings . I wish so much to get past this. I stay nauseated . I feel so bad most of the time .

    • @rashidaraza5127 says:

      You can eat healthy carbs, cook meals with carbs and proteins that’ll satisfy you and stop you going for unhealthy carbs. If you’d like any recipes feel free to dm me.

  • @tempieroberts4712 says:

    Even when we add it into the cornbread recipe? 2/3 cup? 1c cornmeal 1c all purpose flour 1tsp salt 2tsp baking powder
    1c milk 1egg 1/3 c oil… I’ll try this with monk fruit.

  • @ravendow says:

    Not only all this but it also plays a HUGE factor in releasing STRESS hormones

  • @Human_on_earth_1 says:

    Thanks for the information Doc. Processed sugar is dangerous for the body must be avoided 💐

  • @garybeshears5632 says:

    Thank you ☺️

  • @ConnyGermangirl says:

    I’m such a sweet tooth 😊❤, but I’ve cut back on sugar,but I do love me some German black Forrest Cake at times, balance is so important with anything in life❤❤ Hug’s from Washington State ❤

  • @janetgies8698 says:

    This goes for all forms of sugar – flour, corn, potatoes, alcohol, honey, fruit.

  • @hajirachandlay says:

    Thank you doc.

  • @staywackzach says:

    I got on keto about 3 weeks ago. It’s my second time hopping on keto and the transition is never easy. But, holy crap do I feel amazing and have so much energy😂

  • @patriciananez319 says:

    Shalom , God Bless you Indeed Have a wonderful Blessed Day thank you ❤

  • @-16_ says:

    Oh soo thankful Dr💯this important information our Dr’s will never ever tell us not to mention the pharmaceutical industry rubbish their hands together happy to take our hard earned cash.

  • @shannamarietaylor1937 says:

    Your an angel❤

  • @ComeKingJesus says:

    ❤❤Dr. MANDELL ❤❤

  • @mildredeady7890 says:

    I love this tip thanks❤😮

  • @lauramicks9634 says:

    Grateful for healing wisdom

  • @adelalaird6318 says:

    I’m not sugar eater . I limiting intake of anything that I’m not the one making it. Even if my children asking about jello dessert I would use juice and unsweetened gelatin and make them healthier jello than the store bought packed with the sugar . Must mention that my household water quality is questionable for a quite some time now . Thank you Dr. Mandell for your supportive video. ❤

  • @botchos says:

    Very cool gentleman….Thanks you.

  • @mariedeshommes749 says:

    Thanks a lot Dr, God bless!

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