How The Foods Industry Lies & Is Slowly Poisoning Us | Marianne Williamson

We live in a country that claims to be based on science, goodwill, and policies intended to help people. But these things are often heavily influenced and manipulated by industry, particularly Big Food, Big Pharma, and Big Ag, which have corrupted many institutions, politicians, professional associations, and research entities.

Today on The Doctor’s Farmacy, I’m excited to talk to Marianne Willamson, candidate for President in 2024 and a good friend of mine, about her vision for how we can change our food system, economy, environment, and public health outcomes for the better.

Marianne Williamson is a political activist, author, non-denominational spiritual lecturer and
New York Times bestselling author. Her career began in the 1980s when she became deeply involved with HIV/AIDS activism. A long-time champion for the LGBTQ+ community, she founded Project Angel Food to deliver meals to the homebound unable to shop or cook for themselves. To date, the charitable organization has served over 16 million meals. She also founded the LA Center for Living, the Manhattan Center for Living, and cofounded The Peace Alliance.

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Mentioned in this episode
Rumi’s Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing:

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Dave McKinnon

  • LesleyAnn The Carnivore says:

    People with the soulutions DONT HAVE THE POWER! Hits Hard! 😢❤

  • Melissa *BeautyForAshes Isaiah61* says:

    Oh please, the USA DOESN’T need a female President 😢😢

  • William Blais says:


  • Contagion Hoax Dot Com says:

    Let food be thy medicine! Small farms, bio-dynamic. Commercial farming is destroying our soil and our health.

  • Contagion Hoax Dot Com says:

    Why is glyphosate still being used?

  • Colleen Haithcock says:

    Hi, I have been thinking about how we got here. My dad, and my husbands father all were in WW2 in the Pacific. Food stuff had to have shelf life. Farm workers were in short supply.
    We were manufacturing stuff like crazy. So after the war we had all this capacity and people had money soo rather than gardening and canning for ourselves — we bought stuff from shelves. Our farming became more machine run… Soldiers were able to go to college and get off the farm. I think we need to see how this shift in culture and agriculture happened. I think when we unpack this in a way of context —-When Coke was helping NAACP it was not understood how toxic their products were.

  • Marty Gedeon says:

    It all comes down to one thing Mark… greed

  • Heidi EB says:

    Mark Hyman is speaking the truth in the intro. Nice!!!

  • Aaron Carson says:

    We must be brave enough to tell the truth, and I’m fully here for it. #marianne2024

  • Jody P says:

    Thank you beautiful soul for having Marianne on 😁! I just love ❤ her, her teachings and how very much she loves ❤️ and cares for her fellow soul travelers in this lifetime! Such a treat to have you both sharing your wisdom in the same video. Thank you both for doing all that you do to raise awareness on many levels, I appreciate 🙏 you both beautiful souls.

    “Free market capitalism”, in my 50 years on the planet translates into We the People being poisoned, used, abused, lied to and manipulated on levels most cannot rap their brain around to no end by big corporations and those in power at the behest of insatiable greed and lust for power as mankind marches towards extinction.

    I trust Marianne, I don’t trust the DNC or RNC to allow anyone that’s not on board with continuing the blatant corruption and legalized bribery to become president until we break both parties stranglehold on the levers of power. Both parties come together to keep the power between these two parties. I wish Marianne got the memo when the DNC did what they did to her and Bernie along with others throughout our nations history in cooperation with our corporate media outlets and chose to run as an Independent.

    I pray 🙏 that peace ☮️, love ❤️ and happiness 😊 fills and surrounds you both, your loved ❤ ones and all your beautiful soul viewers Mark 🙌! ✨️ 🙏😇

  • William Maurer says:

    Great discussion. Thx for the fresh air.

  • Roxanne says:

    She’s very strange. Kamala vibes for sure. Why does she say thank you after her own comments? I like that she’s kind of anti big pharma, but besides that not much here. Hyman should get it there and get the job done, ideally!

  • MsButtabean says:

    Follow the money…always

  • Mary Sterling says:

    “The Republicans don’t let the problem-solvers in.” ??? … I used to be a big fan of Marianne Williamson, until I realized that she has been dividing people by stating her unloving and INACCURATE remarks.

  • Tj Riley says:

    What an amazing woman. Excellent interview.

  • Surender K. Vats says:

    Grateful to Mark Hyman for all his podcasts that I have listen to. Simply superb, honest scientific discussion, and a great service to masses across the world. Sorry to see how power of advertisement and predominating strategy of unscrupulous commercial gains can lace ‘deliberate’ lies with sugar coating!

  • uliasmom says:

    I feel like this topic is paramount for all of us, but this woman, to me feels and speaks like an elitist snob and unrelatable. She also needs to let Dr. Hyman complete his sentence/question/point before jumping in and completely diverting him. It seems doubtful that she has ever faced true hardship that most of us Americans face every single day, but in all honesty, most candidates have not. I don’t have a solution, but I DO have frustration in “the system”

  • Joey says:

    Making this show a political platform for someone like that? ( 9:00 ).
    Bad move!

    • J M says:

      Mark has had other politicians on the show before. He likes candidates who tell the truth and fight against big pharma and big food. He is doing what the media refuse to do, give all candidates equal time.

  • John Wakamatsu says:

    I totally agree with you and years ago ate much less red meat, fried foods, no alcohol, never smoked, quit eating processed foods and recently quit eating highly processed foods. I suffer from autoimmune diseases for all of my life and quality of life is extremely important for me. I realize that the food industry, hospital system and other money making industries want to make as much money as possible, but your health is the number one priority. I thank you for posting this video. I learned many years ago that you have nothing if you have poor health.

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