How to Boost Collagen Synthesis with Diet

Which foods can increase collagen deposition and prevent wrinkles? What about all of the vegan “collagen” products on the market?

This is the last video in a three-part series on collagen. If you missed the others, see Do Collagen Supplements Work for Skin Aging? ( ) and Collagen Supplements for Arthritis ( ).

In my webinar ( ) on the topic, I emphasize the last bit from my video about vitamin B12 deficiency by going through the research from How Not to Age ( ) demonstrating slower wound healing in vegans.

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • @avabelletx says:

    So vegan diets don’t provide collagen. …… only slow down the loss…. Makes me want to go back to eating meat 😒

    • @erastvandoren says:

      Collagen you eat will be degraded anyway. The effect is based on the signaling properties of proline mostly. Eat legumes, they are proline-rich too.

    • @hernanveigalima2131 says:

      eat both

    • @xperience-evolution says:

      Collagen you eat doesn’t help. You also don’t get smarter by eating brain

    • @elizabethmadness5277 says:

      You will see eating healthy will give your skin a natural glow. Stay strong 🌿💚✨

    • @pluribus_unum says:

      0:20 – _There is also no evidence that collagen peptides are more clinically effective than any other ingested proteins or amino acids._

  • @AndrewPawley11 says:

    I love this channel!

    • @arianemesnagy2270 says:

      Im almost paleo but yeah I need my fish,😂I had fade away wrinkles on my wrist and knee because of the toxic

  • @elizabethmadness5277 says:

    Massive salad and green smoothie everyday and I take the Sun Warrior collagen booster. Use dates instead of sugar. My skin is much clearer and more youthful than when I was eating SAD. Collagen powders taste like feet. 😂

  • @scrollop says:

    I don’t think any manufacturer will be able to those questions…

  • @eelkeaptroot1393 says:

    Thanks doc, think it’s too late for me to stay wrinkle free though…

  • @charleslong1716 says:

    Well, I have liver fibrosis, and fibrosis is Collagen. So, maybe it isn’t good for fibrosis to increase collagen. I would think this goes for all fibrotic diseases, pulmonary fibrosis, liver fibrosis, kidney fibrosis, etc…

    • @user-rj9kj3on1x says:

      Anything you eat that is healthy won’t make you sicker. As Dr Greger often says ,” Our bodies aren’t stupid.”

  • @NutritionFactsOrg says:

    Can collagen beat out placebo for knee osteoarthritis? Check out the video:

  • @lifeshomework8138 says:

    ❤ i followed you for many years, have most of your books. I am now trying carnivore. There is a channel called homesteadhow that is looking for people to debate the carnivore diet in an upcoming video. I would love to see you on there. I question what is the right diet for health. Thank you.

  • @chris-lk4ml says:

    Im on a moslty plant based diet for years now and eating all the foods, he mentioned in this video for years.
    No difference from before this diet.
    Used collagen (bovin). Nothing has changed.
    Very high molecular hyaluronic acid does a little by thickening the skin. But my expected age didnt changed.
    At least my blood count says Im 24 years yonger then expected.

    I tried a strictly vegan diet. But my blood count says fish is good for me.

    • @tristanjordan2709 says:

      How exactly does your blood count show fish is good for you? That statement is nonsensical.

    • @oscaruglyface says:

      It isn’t good for the fish or the ecosystem and if you just spent a few minutes thinking about what else to eat besides going right to fish torturing you would have found an answer while being vegan. Over a billion sea animals are ripped from the oceans and suffocated for no reason except your lazy science and peoples desires and we must stop it.

  • @misterx3188 says:

    What about glycine and ergothioneine?

  • @lindaripp5902 says:


    • @arianemesnagy2270 says:

      Yeah its cool im almost paleo but yeah I need my fish😋,I had fade away wrinkles on my wrist and knee because of the toxicT.T

  • @allencrider says:

    They ask me, “Allen, why do you look so young?” And I tell them. I tell them, “I’ve had an easy life!”

  • @helenahatzman5017 says:

    thank you!

  • @melissamiller2696 says:

    Pre-mature aging. Um, meaning at 80 I’m out of lick. 😅

  • @zeptepi36400BC says:

  • >