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    Love your style, keep rocking it!

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    👍nice info to us😇thanks for sharing to us😇❤😇God bless ☝🏻

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    Your videos are a breath of fresh air, always enjoy watching

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    God’s Blessings to you Dr on this wonder Sunday morning with thanks on being here for us all also🌞❤️

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    😃😃😃 happy to hear, thanks for everything it makes me feel safe. 🙂🍗 , may give some tips of smoothing the skin of my palm hands and feet ? 🌽

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    Thank you Dr !! Love your advice.

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    Who else has a crush on Dr Mandell *blush hahah, no idea if he’s married or not, one of my fave yt Docs for sure !! 👍👍 Yes I do all of this except vitamin c, hv to be careful it breaks me out sometimes not sure why, facial massage is crucial 👌👍👍

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    Thankyou Dr.Mandell for your advice ❤

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    I enjoy watching your videos❤❤❤❤

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    Thanks doctor

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    You are what you share Dr….you have a wonderful skin , thank you for all your helpful information .

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    Thanks for all d wonderful advices,,🥳🥳🥳💋💋

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    I didn’t know alcohol dries out skin. That explains a lot. I’ve been drinking a bit more lately and occasionally have trouble with dry skim. Yuess I should cut back on that. The rest I’m pretty good about except the facial tapping.

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    Thank you Doc! We appreciate your daily, educational videos so much 👏

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    Thanks Dr Great stuff 👍 ❤

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    Thanks again Doc

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    Thank you for sharing this information Dr. Mandel ❤

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    Thanks for your voice in sharing excellent information with the public without asking for money or buying a product.

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    Multumim! 🙏Ramanem sanatosi si daca avem grija putem arata ingrijiti ! Nu aveti grija noastra ne descurcam cu tot! O seara linistita tuturor!🙋‍♀️

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