How to REDUCE LECTINS in your Favorite Foods!

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Let’s be honest – it can be hard to cut out lectin-heavy foods from your diet entirely… especially if we’re talking about dietary stables you depend on. Now, you should try to avoid lectin-rich foods as much as possible – but if that’s not an option for you, there are a few things you can do to significantly reduce or remove lectins in certain foods.
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Dave McKinnon

  • Guido Brunelli jr. says:

    Before Gundry my favorite snack was 12 grain whole wheat bread, Smart balance peanut butter, and sugar free jelly. I thought I was doing something right, but some how I was 350lbs and eating Ibuprofen for my aching knees. That was almost 4 years ago. I lost 150 lbs and my knees feel fine without out any pain meds. I don’t ever want to go back. Thanks Dr. Gundry

  • Gundry MD says:

    Buy Lectin Shield for additional defense from lectins here:
    Take 25% off any regularly priced item with discount code: YOUTUBE25

  • Las Cruces, NM 411 says:

    Wow!! Thank you Doctor I truly appreciate all you do!!

  • Adriana Hernandez says:

    I love my pressure cooker, my budget and overall my family. Your information is of great help. Thank you!

  • Minnie1892 says:

    If you make your own bread, using organic white wheat flour, and real yeast, does that destroy enough lectins to make it OK for the Plant Paradox diet? I have been following Dr. Gundry’s plan for 3 years and have never felt better in my life. Thank you Dr. Gundry and team:)

    • Gundry MD says:

      If you absolutely can’t give up grains no matter how hard you try, always choose refined, “white” grains over whole grains. Thank you for being part of the Gundry MD family!

  • Paul Phelps says:

    At 82 I’ve succeeded in maintaining good health. Regarding foods I recognize the
    need to avoid lectins, but I also recognize the nutrition value in lectin-heavy foods.
    Bell peppers de-seed automatically and can be peeled, I’ve learned to do it for this
    and for other veggies as well. I also include a bladderwrack kelp drink with meals.

  • Everhappy says:

    I stopped eating gluten, sugar and nightshades. Zero pain from a pain level 8/10 scale. Just diet change works for me.

  • STU377 says:

    I recently started combining the low Lectin and the Blood Type Diet for a upgraded nutrition intake. Fine tuning Nutrition can have quite noticeable effects in many areas of life.

  • Julie Moore says:

    How long do you need to pressure cook items for to reduce lectins? Does it vary by ingredient? Also, where do the lectins go after being released from the food in the pressure cooker? Should we toss the liquid or are the lectins dissolve and it can it be eaten (if you made chili with beans in the pressure cooker, for example)?

    • Gundry MD says:

      Thanks for your question. We’ll consider covering this in a future video with Dr. Gundry!

    • Misty Gurzenda says:

      I was going to ask the same question

    • Nominal Egg says:

      Good question. I would toss the water from the cooked beans, just as he suggests tossing the water twice after soaking. But your question is whether soaking beans is enough when you’re going to be pressure cooking a bean soup or chili. To be super safe, I’d pressure cook the beans first, toss the liquid and then make the chili. More time, more work, but I’m guessing most of the lectins would be gone..

  • Spicey says:

    I appreciate your knowledge. I need my fellow addition, Neurologist trained, and value all of the nutrition advice given by experts. This is some thing we lacked in medical school. Now, the confusion is the foods we’ve been eating all along are no good for us? I do believe the more we try to empower our self with knowledge, the more confusing it can be. Tomatoes and polyphenols are actually base of our cooking. I am of East Indian origin. Moderation and maybe even less than moderation would be the most effective diet in general. I was just watching a video by Mick the vegan who reports that diets from meat can also cause insulin resistance. No, I’m thoroughly confused. The best diet is probably what my body would respond to most efficiently. I guess if we don’t have a health problem then eating in moderation or less than moderation would be most appropriate. I agree with the previous podcast statement that mental health and good nutrition go hand-in-hand. In the neurological world, it is so evident that people who have poor diet, obese, nutritionally deficient, have not only mental health but also autoimmune disorders. We can see that across the room

  • Katharine Davis says:

    Thankyou Dr. Gundry . I’m now enjoying sauerkraut. I’d like to try pickled cucumbers again. And I’m glad to know I could have sourdough bread . If I’m in a restaurant. I bake my own crispbread at home with sorghum / millet flour and now teff flour since you recommended it . I find it has a strong, good flavour, best not to add flavouring to it . K

  • 🌎 VT Exploring says:

    Luckily, Peeling and deseed veggies are traditional ways at my home! My grandparents and parents always did but we did not know its a way to move lectin and protect our health
    Thank you very much, Dr. Gundry for sharing important information for our healthy habits

  • Jeroen van der Meer says:

    What’s your take on soaking beans overnight with a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate? This should also help reduce the toxic parts of beans.

    • Gundry MD says:

      Interesting question! We’ll add this to our growing list of questions for Dr. Gundry to possibly answer in an upcoming YouTube video! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and turn on alerts so you never miss an update.

  • Cathy Tilford says:

    I grew up eating refined floor, white bread, peeled fruits & veggies, & refined grains like white rice. Meat was seen as the most important food. I was malnourished, & sickly.
    I can promise you ,I will never eat that way again.

  • rawmilk mike says:

    I’m so glad you’re finally addressing the issue of oxalates, lectons, and anti nutrients in plant based foods.

  • MoonFlowerFaerie says:

    This is so eye opening to me. When I was growing up, and even now you always hear that whole grains are better than refined. I had never heard of lectins until I found you. I am supposed to be gluten free, so I am trying to go grain free to begin with; however, at least know I know that if I do eat any grains, they will be refined to help with the lectins. I also appreciate the info on pressure cooking other veggies 🙂

  • Vivian Rios says:

    This is fantastic information Dr. Gundry. Thank you. ☺️

  • ChrisisAbroad says:

    Thanks Dr. Gundry. You answered my question. I wanted to know about the white potato. I was told you should keep the skin on as it has all the nutrients in it such as potassium. Now I know what to do. I’ve seen many people for number of years and my mother always peel the skin off the potato. Maybe they don’t like eating the skin. The skin or peel has lectins in it! I will now peel the skin off if I boil a potato or should I wish to eat it with the peel on pressure cook it. Pressure cooking will get rid of most of the lectins in the peel.

    • Gundry MD says:

      Hello Chris, we are happy to help! Yes, we highly recommend pressure cooking potatoes if you are planning on eating the skin to reduce the amount of lectins. 🙌

  • Elementals Four Heaven says:

    I am glad to see him saying this things like this. Because for centuries certain cultures have been eating beans and rice and are extremely healthy. It’s all about how to prepare and cooking the food .. we many times eat foods our families never ate and we really don’t know how to prepare them correctly or combine them as well. Also I know people that follow things the dr. Says and end up avoiding many foods .. combined that with intermittent fasting and anemia is the result

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