Dave McKinnon

  • @MarcusClark-yx6qe says:

    your work is really great, this content is GOAT👌

  • @user-jj1yt4ko3x says:

    I will try this,nothing else has made a difference and i hope this will! Thank you Doc!❤

  • @louwall4774 says:

    Will this work for food cravings?! Please say, YES! ❤

  • @valeriesmith9031 says:

    Black pepper makes me sneeze 🤧

  • @mardyshelton4770 says:

    It will make you sneeze though, but I will tell my friends.

  • @Louise180 says:

    I love black pepper in my food
    better than spicy hot jalopenio😊

  • @user-pm2nw7cg3l says:

    Also if you love yourself and want to remove some weight you will survive.Trust in yourself more each day and you will see the difference.Have a Beautiful New Year 2024

  • @zionx2744 says:

    Thank you my brother. I’m trying to quit smoking and so I’m going to give this a try

  • @kittywalker2944 says:

    Smoked for over 40 years.
    If this doesn’t help you, maybe the patch or something else will make it easier – you Can quit! You will quit, when you are ready. If I did, you definitely can 👍

  • @deloressenyeri723 says:

    It also makes you sneeze! 🥸🤣

  • @bryanlloyd1099 says:

    Great information Dr. Mandell!

  • @learn2loveU says:

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

  • @Ana-ou7dn says:

    You can also use essencial oil from black peper

  • @Seek_Him says:

    Sounds Crazy…
    But Everything You’ve Ever Suggested Has Helped Me, When I Practiced Them..
    Thanks Dr Mandell

  • @garybotkin6765 says:

    Say what!! I will definitely use this in the New Year. The farmers almanac says quitting smoking is easiest from January 2nd-7th in 2024 if any one else is trying to quit those dastardly darts. Much Love and Gratitude Dr.Mandell.

  • @sheilaminer609 says:

    I had an elderly friend that was told by her doctor to heat tomato juice an add as much pepper as she could tolerate every time she wanted a cigarette an it would take away the craving. She stopped smoking that way. This was back in the 40’s.

  • @tishamoosa6118 says:

    Dr mendell You the Best 👌 God Bless you and yours. Wishing you a Bumper healthy Happy 2024❤

  • @samghost13 says:

    That Playlist i did for me gets better and better. I quit smoking 1 year a go but i wish i had black pepper then. Thank you

  • @kckgirl78 says:

    WOW! Wish I had known this while my mother was alive. Sadly she smoked for more than (60) years and passed away from cancer in 2010. But I’ll share this tip with others. Thank you!

  • @user.peace.333 says:

    Thank you 🐦Dr. Mandell

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