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How You’ve Been Lied To About Calories, Dieting, Exercise & Losing Weight | Dr. Robert Lustig

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There are several different schools of thought behind obesity and metabolic dysfunction, for example, the energy balance model or “calories-in, calories-out” perspective that many people have felt fooled by. While calories certainly are one piece, there is much more to the puzzle of weight management and metabolic health, like hormonal cascades and oxidative stress.

My guest today is the perfect person to discuss these topics with. Dr. Robert Lustig is an author and neuroendocrinologist with expertise in metabolism, obesity, and nutrition. He has dedicated his retirement from clinical medicine to help fix the food supply in any way he can, to reduce human suffering, and to promote a collective vision of metabolic health: protect the liver, feed the gut, support the brain.

In this episode, we discuss:
Is a calorie really just a calorie? (7:24)
The surprising truth: All models of energy intake are a little right and a little wrong (9:20)
Proven methods for reducing insulin to support weight loss (29:39)
What are obesogens and how are they hijacking our metabolic health? (32:00)
Reactive oxygen species and aging (and how to reduce them) (38:05)
Why glucose and insulin monitoring are powerful levers for metabolic health (42:15)
Summing up the facts and our beliefs around calories and weight (47:00)
The cellular impact of oxidative stress and chronic stress (54:00)
Monch Monch: a new fiber solution for absorbing simple sugars and preventing glucose spikes as well as increasing satiety and boosting microbial diversity (1:02:20)
Food addiction in adults and children and addressing the root cause (1:10:45)
What actions can we take based on scientific advances to make our lives better? (1:24:15)
Why any food that feeds the gut, protects the liver, and supports the brain is a healthy food (1:33:35)
Perfact and how to use it to understand what is metabolically healthy at your exact grocery store (1:40:20)

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Dave McKinnon

  • @billbrennan8177 says:

    Both of you have helped me save my life!!TYVM!! 🙏⚡️💪😎🤗

  • @cates_keto says:

    We’re all driving off the cliff with insulin resistance only for you amazing guys!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • @karenmanning5915 says:

    I am such a long time fan of both you Dr. Hyman and Dr. Lustig. Thank you for all you both do, and especially for “Fed Up.”

  • @annemaillette4514 says:

    Please, please keep talking about this! I have listened to many of these conversations between you two and I always hear something new. Thank you for making this information digestible and applicable.

  • @lrakschmidt2880 says:

    A good rule of thumb – don’t buy/eat anything with a food ingredient label. He is missing that PUFAs also upset the ion ratio – effect the ROS switch.

  • @goldstar846 says:

    what a treat!!! thanks so much xx

  • @carlschneider689 says:

    I read Metabolical and I’m on chapter 15 of Young Forever. I like how both of you write the same way you present on camera.

  • @colleenhaithcock216 says:

    minute 26 study on migrant mothers and their babies — in 1964 I was 12 and was taken by my family to work in a migrant ministries program, I was changing babies of mothers working in the field. ( I had passed my GS baby sitting badge!) This changed my life!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @squeekytoys5911 says:

    I love these conversations! ❤

  • @MultiGracie23 says:

    One of the best talks on YouTube around health and nutrition.


  • @Quest4TruthUSA says:

    Wow! Ya’ll are awesome! That is so educational! How exciting to hear two people so passionate about resolving the root cause of our biggest health issues! Thanks!

    You are heros!

  • @elaineb6322 says:

    I love both of you! Please continue this kind of content.

  • @pooler6955 says:

    Mark does an excellent job of explaining things so lay people can understand. Mark is the best!

  • @Js9534a says:

    I was going to skip this one…. But, I heard listen.. you and I are like Thelma and Louise 😂 ❤

  • @shaunawang8677 says:

    Thank you so much for such an informative talk.

  • @traveladdictsanonymous says:

    I am so glad that the changes in the school lunch system are starting to happen. ❤ This is core issue making the kids addicted from early age.

  • @lorettacaputo6997 says:

    I found out about the movie “Fed Up” while reading Dr. Hyman’s resume. I watched the movie and enjoyed the presentation. I thought both of you were the stars of the movie because your work fighting metabolic dysfunction lead to this movie and the movement to get us all healthy. Thanks.

  • @edgewound says:

    I paused this podcast to watch Fed Up. Amazing. You guys are true heros.

  • @garysullivan8464 says:

    I’m subscribed and watch about one show a week. It’s not an interview, it’s a discussion, so expect fast talk with constant (supportive) interruptions , but they pull it off without losing train of thought. You could spend hours to review and study terminology to summarize the content of one show, to retain in memory and diet lifestyle. My favorite nutritional health information resource
    Thanks Mark and Robert.

  • @angelablocker1439 says:

    My two favorite online doctors who can save humanity in the metabolic realm! Thank you both so much for all you endeavor to learn and teach to all who will listen!!! You’ve both been the help to restore what is possible to my health! I was a life long sugar and carb eater, along with healthy food. The sugar/carb junk nearly destroyed my life.
    I am forever grateful for all you have done thus far!!

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