Dave McKinnon

  • @lynnzucco5049 says:

    LOL, that’s what I’m doing right now watching your video on my phone. I’m dying laughing.

  • @muddyshoesgardener says:

    My cat is like a long comfy pillow. I feel safe with him sleeping at my side.

    • @nah2106 says:


    • @lorenheard2561 says:


    • @kellyrn6014 says:

      I wish my cat would sleep next to me; she sleeps on me instead. I’m a side sleeper. She nestles up on my shoulder like a mountain goat. 😂

    • @Mrsjustheretolearn says:

      Same but with my puppy 🥰 she’s 15 but she’s still my puppy. ☺️

    • @forest_maiden says:

      My cat sleeps at my side too. I have chronic pain and depression and he is my life (not the cat in my profile pic, that is my old cat, who was the most amazing best friend ever, he passed in 2021 💔)

  • @natashasedova7778 says:

    So true thank you doc I do thst all the time. ❤❤❤

  • @vendingdudes says:

    This explains why I can zonk our so fast cuddling/spooning.

  • @lilyfelinski5520 says:

    Dr. Mandell, thank you for sharing your great ideas with the large community. We love you. 😴💖

  • @veronicatiffany777 says:

    I’ve had to sleep like this since childhood and everyone thinks it’s strange lol I always thought it was normal

  • @scatternspe1629 says:

    Youre like a really really chill Doc Brown 🔥❣️

  • @user-mf4kz2dc4f says:

    Dr. Mandell you are absolutely right, I sleep like this all the time!👍💯

  • @carlberg7503 says:

    Thanks for explaining why I love hugging pillows.

  • @egypt9723 says:

    Agree w/you Dr M 👍 bought me a pregnancy pillow love💜 it and I’m not even pregnant😁

  • @tommycoyote3258 says:

    Ive slept hugging a pillow for most of my life. I didn’t realize it was so beneficial. Ive found that a heavy blanket is very comforting as well. I sleep really well, but I don’t sleep very long.

  • @mollielambert9501 says:

    Your voice is so relaxing I love my pillow 😌

  • @user-oz3yw8pp5f says:


  • @seyer-leinadodnavo4250 says:

    The voice of Dr. Mandell is extremely calm and all your videos are amazing and very important.

  • @fayet8877 says:

    Awwweee Thank you Dr. Mandell❣️ I need to get this long pillow! We Love You Doc❣️😘🙏

  • @Indite_Biden says:

    This made me cry.

  • @TheQueensdoll says:

    This is why I love my husband, he’s my human pillow 🫶🏾

  • @rosaliafeal671 says:

    ❤Sweetly feels like your loved❤

  • @sheilasixtonazaire1174 says:

    Thanks Doc. That’s good to know because I hug my pillow every night! Be well

  • @lovetoclearclouds7017 says:

    I’ve been sleeping with a buddy pillow for years. It does work to hug it. My service Pom also sleeps on top of me and the pillow and that helps a lot too.🥰💤

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